Insurance Adjuster Training

Get Your Texas Adjusters License In 4 Simple Steps

1. Take our Texas Pre-Licensing course and get your Certificate

Click To Learn more about - Texas Pre-Licensing course

2. Fill out your application

Click on this How To Video to see - "How to Fill Out Your Adjuster Application"

3. Get your fingerprints for the Texas License

See Fingerprint information in the Adjuster application.

4. Mail it in.

You should have your license in approximately 4-6 weeks. Mail to: Texas Department of Insurance, Agent and Adjuster Licensing, MC107-1A, PO Box 12069, Austin. TX 78711-2069

It really IS that simple!

Rave Reviews

Useful information and interesting topics is what I found while taking these online adjuster courses. The classes were easy to follow while the information portrayed was extremely helpful. I feel that these courses have increased my policy knowledge and awareness while improving my adjusting skills. Gary Webster, Ideal Adjusting, Inc. Cherie-LeeNorwood

Few companies deliver “customer service Wow! factor” consistently, if at all. You far exceeded every customer service metric that I know of. It unknowingly prompted me to re-examine my own customer service skills, which are lacklustre in comparison to yours. Cherie is a class act, a reality check, and an inspiration. V. Lee Norwood III

Have already signed up for another class. I guess that says it all. Jennifer P.

Online Insurance Adjuster Training Courses

2021Training will provide you online insurance adjuster training in the best information and enjoyable format whether you’re just starting your adjusting career as an insurance adjuster or are an experienced adjuster looking for certifications or CE courses. All of our courses are online, which means no travel or hotel expense. Online insurance adjuster training is the most convenient way to get your Texas All-Lines Adjusters License. Our experienced trainers will walk you though this new career. Seasoned adjusters are required to take training for Continueing Education that we offer as well. We currently carry the TWIA Adjuster Certification and the California Earthquake Certification online providing convenience to adjusters. Select your training course below or click here for our course information.

Texas Pre-Licensing Course

This class meets the Texas Department of Insurance education and testing requirements for your license needs. Simply online adjuster course and get your certificate of completion, then submit the state application along with fingerprints to get your Texas All Lines Adjusters License. You can start NOW. This class is online and available to you at any time. No travel costs. Our classes are unique from other online classes because they create a live class experience online. No other online class in the industry compares to the quality of training you get here. Course #90751    Read More

Xactimate Software Training

Prepare yourself to be proficient writing claims in Xactimate®. It’s not enough to just list “Xactimate Certified” when starting your career in adjusting. You’ll need to be proficient in writing claims. This online adjuster training goes beyond a piece of paper saying you took the course. You will learn the skill set you need to be efficient in the field even from your first deployment. We start with the basics and build on key concepts that all adjusters need to understand. At the end of the class, you will be writing your first Xactimate claim from scope notes provided. Course #88526 Read More

Practical Adjusting

This course will give you the practical information and insider’s tips that you can only get from someone who’s been in the field. Learn how to go about finding a job. Find the cat (catastrophe) companies who deploy adjusters to the field, how to go about applying and getting on the rosters, tips and insider information of being on the call back lists. Your instructor is an experienced adjuster with live classroom instruction and brings that element of sharing personal experiences and tips to make it your training as lively as being there but conveniently online. Sign up for this online insurance adjuster training today! Course #88527 Read More