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Take the next step and get the licensing and training to prepare for a new career. Purchase the course that fits your needs and be on the roster for the next big storm.  Start your new career in a field that isn’t affected by the economy. Yes, it’s that simple. See you in the classroom. 


Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing Course

This course allows you to adjust all claims, including workers’ compensation claims. This one contains everything you need to get licensed in Texas.  Includes our state-approved exam.

Texas all-lines aduster pre-licensing course


Smart Start Package

The 3-course Smart Start Package includes:

  • Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing
  • Xactimate training
  • Practical Adjusting

It’s a popular choice for a smart start down your new career path! 


Smart Start + Package

The 4-course Smart Start + Package is our best value and includes:

  • Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing
  • Xactimate training
  • Practical Adjusting
  • Basics of Construction

If you have no prior construction background, this package is essential for your success as an adjuster.

Texas all-lines aduster pre-licensing course


Real World Insurance Adjuster Training

2021 Training was founded with one purpose in mind: to train new insurance adjusters in a way that would prepare them for the real-world challenges they would face, in a convenient online format.

Our founder, Dave, has been training insurance adjusters since 2008. Back then, online learning was still in its infancy, and there were no good options for those who wanted to obtain their insurance adjuster license online. To solve this problem, our founder decided to develop a new curriculum that brought real-world experience into the mix. 2021 Training was born.

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