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3 Ways Insurance Adjusters Can Stay Organized

Insurance claims adjusting is a career that requires you to be organized. If you don’t have a schedule and the discipline to stick to it, things can get chaotic very quickly. It helps to have all of your tools and documents organized and easily accessed when you need them. By staying organized, you will be able to complete more claims each day, earn more money, and increase your value to your employer.

2021 Training offers you organizational tips and much more as part of our online curriculum. Are you ready to embark on a new career as an insurance adjuster in the state of Texas? Our program is administered online so you can go at your own pace. Rewind and review as much as you need until you fully understand the concepts we teach!

Disaster site deployment is part of an insurance adjuster’s job. In the field, you’re on your own. The last thing you want is to find a crucial document missing during this hectic time, or to realize you haven’t allotted enough time to each client. You can prevent these scenarios by getting prepared before your deployment. This involves organizing your time, your claims file, and your paperwork.

1). Organize Your Time

Start by making a to-do list that you will reference for each claim file. Prioritize each task by order of urgency and try to check off the most important items first. Ask yourself if a task is time-sensitive. If so, move it to the top of your list. The rest can wait until you have more time. Adjusters spend a lot of time in transit. If you’re on a plane or have someone else driving you, consider putting that downtime to good use by working while you travel.

Make sure you have the items you need to get organized, like binders, file folders, a briefcase or wheeled bag, etc. Everything you need to do your job should have its own place where it can be safely stored and easily accessed.

2). Organize Your Paperwork


The easiest way to organize your paperwork is to do away with as much of it as you can. A cluttered desktop can be demoralizing because it makes it difficult to find what you need in a timely manner. Go as paperless as possible and keep your calendars and lists in the cloud or on your hard drive so you’ll never have to fish around for them.

A paperless system has the added benefits of helping the environment and reducing the amount of errors in your paperwork. Just remember that electronic clutter is also detrimental, so keep your claims files and documents in an organized file structure you can easily navigate.

3). Organize Your Mind

Stress can leave you feeling overwhelmed and lead to procrastination, which can keep you from reaching your true earning potential. It’s important to know your limits. Just because your colleague can close five cases a day doesn’t mean you should push yourself to do the same. Be kind to yourself while you find the perfect balance of productivity and motivation.

Try to cut unnecessary stressors from your life, especially while you’re in the field. Invest in a de-stressing kit, talk to your boss or co-workers when you’re feeling down, and try to look at harder tasks as challenges, not impossibilities.

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