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4 Soft Skills Insurance Adjusters Need for a Successful Career

Insurance adjusters help people going through tough times. When someone’s property is damaged, you are one of the first people at the scene. Therefore, you need to hone in on some soft skills to be successful as an insurance adjuster. Once you master these skills, your ability to interact with your clients in a professional and effective manner will shine through. 2021 Training has listed 4 soft skills for you to focus on.

Emotional Intelligence

You will be working with all types of people with all kinds of moods when providing insurance adjusting. People aren’t happy when their property is damaged. Claimants may be angry, witnesses could be reluctant, you could be dealing with skeptical attorneys, demanding insurance companies, and the list goes on. You must have the ability to read another person’s emotions and react appropriately. Every person should be approached differently, and it is up to you to gauge the emotional state of the person you are working with. When you do this, you will have a more effective interaction and gather the information you need more efficiently.

Time Management

If you decide to work as an independent insurance adjuster, you will be in charge of your own hours and schedule. This gives you a lot more flexibility with your time, but it also means that you need to have great time management. You are in charge of finding your own claims to work on and how far you want to travel. A lot of planning goes into being your own boss. Insurance adjusters need to have the ability to properly prioritize tasks and be able to complete them consistently. 

You will be working on more than one case at a time. Therefore, you will be juggling emails, phone calls, and paperwork for multiple clients at the same time. Time management is a soft skill that we highly recommend for any type of insurance adjuster.


When evaluating the damages that occurred, you will be interviewing the claimants and witnesses. Great adjusters don’t just ask a bunch of questions, they also pay careful attention to what is said. When you listen, you will be able to catch very important details and information that will help you evaluate the case better. Many insurance adjusters struggle with listening. They are too “busy” getting to the next claim. Next time when you are on the field, ask yourself, “am I truly listening to this person?” 


Insurance adjusters work with people that have undergone a misfortune. Claimants reach out to insurance adjusters when their property has been damaged. Therefore, their emotional state might be very low. They might take out their anger on you, but don’t take it personally. Put yourself in their shoes. You are helping people during their time of need, and this requires empathy. 2021 Training can’t stress how crucial this soft skill is.

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If you possess these soft skills or are willing to work on them, then insurance adjusting might be the perfect career for you. 2021 Training offers comprehensive online courses that can be taken anywhere and at any time. These will prepare you for the Texas insurance licensing exam. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll get you started!

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