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5 Reasons to Become an Insurance Adjuster

A career in claims adjusting is whatever you make of it. If you’re well-organized, well-trained, and love to hustle, you could make very good money in the industry without the need for advanced degrees or crippling student loans. Here are 5 reasons why insurance adjusting could be a great career choice for you.

1). Earning Potential

Some people believe they can get rich quick by becoming an insurance adjuster. This is not true; you do need to put forth effort, finish a training course, pass your licensing exam, and network with other professionals. It takes time to earn experience in the field and credibility with your peers. While the training program can be completed in just a few days, insurance adjusting is a real career that requires discipline and dedication. It’s not a quick and easy solution.

That said, once you get into the industry and learn your stuff, this can be an incredibly lucrative career. You could work for an insurance agency, for the public, or for yourself as an independent adjuster. A recent poll showed claims adjusters were paid between $300 and $350 per hail claim in the wake of major hailstorms in the US. That equals $900 to $1,200 for one workday.

Different claims pay more, such as hurricane claims. Depending on the fee schedule and loss, some claims pay $1,500 or more. That’s good money, and you can maximize your earnings by coming up with an efficient scheduling system and getting more experience under your belt.

2). Job Security

Very few industries are truly “evergreen” or “recession-proof”. Insurance adjustment is one such industry. No matter what the economy is doing at the time, people need to carry insurance policies for their homes, vehicles, and health. Accidents and catastrophes happen whether the markets are booming or tanking. There will always be a need for licensed insurance adjusters, even during the leanest economic times.

3). Travel and Variety

While there are routine tasks you will carry out on every case, insurance adjusters get more variety in their work than most white-collar office employees. You could travel to different parts of the world to investigate disaster claims, be responsible for gathering evidence to defend a doctor or hospital from malpractice suits, or help break up a ring of insurance fraud scammers – sometimes all in the same week! Think of deployments as exciting opportunities to learn on the job.

4). Low Barriers to Entry

You do not need to spend years in college to become a licensed insurance adjuster. Some dedicated students finish the classroom portion of their course during a long weekend. The cost of the books and the exam are not prohibitively expensive. This makes insurance adjustment an attractive career choice for those who want to get in the game and start earning right away.

5). Convenient Online Training

Prospective adjusters can now take their classes online, at their own pace, from the comfort of home. 2021 Training specializes in online insurance adjuster training. Our curriculum was developed by real insurance adjusters who are familiar with the challenges this job presents. Read, listen, rewind and review as much as you need to in order to get a firm grasp on the principles of insurance adjusting.

2021 Training: Your Gateway into Texas Insurance Adjusting

If adjusting sounds right for you, you can get started right away! 2021 Training’s books are available for online purchase and immediate use. Once you’ve finished the coursework, we administer the exam to become a licensed insurance adjuster in the State of Texas. Adjusters have a high earning potential for a relatively small initial investment, so don’t hesitate to call us or purchase our curriculum today!



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