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5 Tik Tokers Teaching New Insurance Adjusters to Make More Money

Beginning a career in the insurance world can be a little daunting. But with new resources coming out every day, rest assured there’s a path anyone can find to cash out big and help people with their insurance along the way.

Here are five TikTokers making moves in the insurance industry today. They have advice for how to make more money as a new insurance adjuster.

The First Step to Making Money as an Insurance Adjuster

Starting out as a new insurance adjuster can be daunting. But, the key to getting your start is ensuring you’ve covered all your bases before beginning this new chapter of your life. TikToker @monicainatx has been a successful insurance adjuster for a while now. She shares her tips for the best way you can start this career.

Find a quick step-by-step guide to making money as an insurance adjuster below:

  • Get your license in your state (and any other state you can to increase revenue possibilities).
  • Conduct research with all the insurance adjuster firms in your area (and beyond if you really want a gold star). If you really want to stand out, consider doing research in the legal and medical area to understand more about potential claims you might have to encounter.
  • Do a great job on that research and maintain relationships with the various insurance adjuster firms you work with. Then you can receive callbacks for more jobs and become a staple in the organization’s process of resolving insurance claims and more!

Take a Word of Advice from Someone Who Makes 18.5k a Month

Being an independent adjuster can be a bit dubious to some. There’s not the same level of job security and even financial stability when you’re not tied to one specific insurance firm. A career in independent insurance adjusting can also open the door to many opportunities that traditional insurance adjusters at firms don’t have: the ability to work for multiple firms in multiple states when their staff has been overwhelmed with claims or they don’t have a local office in a particular area.

TikToker and independent adjuster @stephencstorey tells all in his video documenting how he earns US$18,500 each month on average. Take a look:


Here’s how I earned $18,500 per month as an independent insurance adjuster #success #motivation #wealth #personaldevelopment

♬ original sound – Stephen Storey
  • Being an adjuster for an insurance adjuster firm during big or even catastrophic storms leads to a big bang in your bank account, since these firms are often overwhelmed with claims and need to resolve them as soon as possible. Therefore, they’re willing to pay decent money to independent adjusters to get the job done and provide both the insurance company and the people filing claims with immediate relief.
  • Being a catastrophe adjuster reels in the big bucks. It is often one of the most high-paying sectors in the insurance industry. For Stephen, he makes about US$9,000 every two weeks when he’s contracted out for this work. Spend some time researching the catastrophe insurance sector to understand if this would be a solid path for you. It’s a solid way to make more money as a new insurance adjuster, before you might get tired of traveling to areas hit hard by storms or other catastrophic events.

Making More Money with Little to No Educational Background

You don\’t need to go to school or finance to become a successful independent insurance adjuster. Most insurance adjusters like TikToker @juliusdebardla1 just took a 40-hour course and took a test for a passing grade at the end. Once completed, independent insurance adjusters apply to get their license. Julius and other adjusters known to succeed in this career path got their licenses in multiple states to maximize their business opportunities and financial opportunities. Julius got his license in 23 states to operate as an insurance adjuster. Watch his video below to get a better handle on how he makes about US$16,000 a month as an independent insurance adjuster:

A tip from the video:

Get certified for State Farm Auto and State Farm Fire, among others, because a large population of the United States is insured by State Farm, as it’s ranked the No. 1 large auto insurance company in the nation, according to Forbes.

Public Adjusters Might Be The Way To Go

TikToker, @largelossexpert (TJ Ware), works as a public adjuster for insurance adjuster firms. They are professional adjusters who advocate for the policyholder or the insured individual. They negotiate and assist in resolving their client’s claims. If you want to help the people who have been affected by events that caused damage to their property, this could be the way to go for you!

Most public adjusters, TJ says, make six figures a year, with many making seven figures, according to his firsthand experience in the industry. And while it can be somewhat unguaranteed money, the income potential for a big payout after catastrophic events is “unbelievable.”

Do Your Research

And finally, the last TikToker on our list is @write2live (Solaé Dehvine). She has a guide to establishing some solid cash flow and making more money as a new adjuster. She says after getting your adjuster license, the best thing you can do is research all the big name carriers you can think of like State Farm, MetLife, Liberty Mutual, USAA, Progressive and more. Once that’s done, get certified for those big hitters and get certified for as many as you can.

And as a bonus, Solaé says new insurance adjusters should get certified for as many insurance adjuster firms as possible. A list she recommends starting from is EA Renfroe, Eberls, QA Claims, and Alacrity. It’s a competitive market, so be sure to snag up those opportunities as they come. Most of those firms can pay their adjusters a six-figure salary.

Team Up with 2021 Training

So, there it is. Some advice from real people in the insurance adjuster business, showing you how to make it big and make more money. Get started today with 2021 Training — they’ve got you covered in training, courses and licensing for an affordable rate!


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