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Advantages of Being a Staff Insurance Adjuster

A staff adjuster is an employee of an insurance company. They work to investigate, evaluate, and eventually settle a claim. In certain situations, a staff adjuster might even award the claim to the insured, by writing a check on behalf of the company.

A staff insurance adjuster works directly for an insurance company as a W-2 employee. They work full-time hours and may have to work overtime when it’s busy. Insurance companies hire staff adjusters for everyday claims. They are also known as employee adjusters or company adjusters. 

The insurance company that employs you will handle all of your expenses, including gas, and may assign you a company car.

Regular work hours

Staff adjusters typically work a standard 40 hour work week and have the weekend off. However, catastrophes can occur at any time, so you can expect to be on rotation for the “on-call” position. The on-call adjuster handles after-hour emergencies and weekend mishaps. 

Work territory

Staff adjusters usually operate in a specific geographical region. While travel is possible, the range and frequency of travel are much less than for the average independent adjuster. This position is suitable for those with family or other demands on their time in the immediate area.

Regular reliable salary

Working as a staff adjuster isn’t as stressful as working independently. The average staff adjusters salary ranges between $40,000 and $60,000 annually which is lower than an independent adjuster because the work is easier. However, staff adjusters are usually W-2 employees and their work is steadier.

Paid training

If you are licensed, you must keep up with your CE credits. Staff adjusters normally have their training covered by the company as well as the cost of the license renewals. Field training mentors are also provided to you.

Health benefits

You can expect the traditional corporate benefits package, such as health insurance, paid time off (PTO), and a 401K, which are highly sought after by many job seekers.


Insurance adjusters need reliable transportation to investigate claims, and many insurance agencies provide staff adjusters with a company car.


Insurance agencies provide the equipment necessary to perform your job including a computer, cell phone, and estimating software.


Company adjusters do not travel much, but when they do the expenses are paid for or reimbursed. This includes temporary housing and transportation while away on catastrophe assignments.

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