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After Hurricane Sandy

I finished all my claims and called my storm manager to let him know I was done.   It feels good to have handled all my claims and do what I think is a great job.

Hard part is at the end of the storm, you still don’t know what you don’t know. My manager wasn’t the easiest person to work with, but at the end of the day I couldn’t let that slow me down or deter me from what my real job was. I had to close claims.


Check out process was easy.
They looked at my claims and checked that they were submitted. Then they officially checked me out from my deployment and said I was free to leave.

I spent a day in New York City just to see the sights then began the long road home. I was anxious to get home. Getting home a few weeks before Christmas was a nice surprise for the family. As an adjuster, you need to be prepared to spend some serious time on the road, but the financial reward is just as significant.

It is full of adventure and excitement.
I heard many stories of people running into odd and bizarre situations. Stories of people sleeping in cars because they couldn’t find hotels for the first few nights. Stories of the odd insured couple that they had to work with. Stories of wonderful people who you got to be a small part of their lives. If you ever sit in a room full of adjusters, it never takes long before the stories begin to roll out. They can go for hours and hours of all the things they’ve seen and done.

Best advice is to be prepared.
All the training you do has a purpose. Don’t just look for the certificate, but take the time to really learn the material. Good training will serve you well. I feel fortunate to have been trained by 2021 Training, and I really did feel as prepared as possible for my first deployment.

Plug in and interact with any adjuster who will help you or give you advice. You never know when the next opportunity will come up – you can’t control that. But  you can control YOU. How prepared are YOU to do what needs to be done?

Especially if you\’re new to cat adjusting, I really recommend the Practical Course because that definitely helped me pack the right stuff and anticipate needs.

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