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Are 2021 Training Courses A Good Fit For You?

You may benefit from our insurance adjuster courses.

Our 2021 Training courses are available to all, but only some will reap the true benefits. Our training courses are most helpful to those in Texas because some states have different rules and requirements for insurance adjusters. Here’s a guide to help you decide if our insurance adjuster course is a good fit for you.

There are a few states that Texas has reciprocity with, and if you live in one of these states or if you are looking at moving, our training course will still provide you with all the benefits. The benefits of our courses can be applied in various regions in the United States.

Reciprocity Among States

What exactly is reciprocity? 

Reciprocity is the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit, especially privileges granted by one country or organization to another. 

In this case, it is among states and insurance is the object of exchange. 

Texas has reciprocity with several other states for insurance purposes. Basically, if you complete the training course and want to move or sell insurance in another state, the process for getting your license in a state with reciprocity to Texas will be much easier.

Texas has reciprocity with Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Florida only with DHS. So our insurance adjuster training course will be of benefit to you across the country in these specific areas. These states don’t have their own specific pre-licensing course, so the reciprocity among these states is mutually beneficial. 

If you hold a Resident Texas Adjuster License, to get licensed in a reciprocating state you would only need to pay the state\’s application fee. Arkansas requires you to have a year of experience before you get your license, but generally speaking, there are very few exceptions like this. 

Non-Reciprocating States

There are a few states that have their own adjuster licensing programs. Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Alabama, are all states in this category. If you ever move to one of these states or want to sell insurance there, you will have to complete that state\’s specific licensing program.

Those states are just the ones that don’t have reciprocity with Texas specifically, there are a few states that have no reciprocity with any other state. New York, Hawaii, and California don\’t reciprocate insurance licenses with any state.

Though these states do not have reciprocity with Texas, their training courses and requirements to be an insurance adjuster will be similar. For example, both Florida and Texas require new licensees to be at least 18 years old and must pass the respective states licensing courses. 

2021 Training provides you with the proper information to pass these Texas-specific tests to get you one step closer to your adjuster license.

Reap The Benefits Of 2021 Training’s Licensing Program

2021 Training has made the insurance adjuster pre-licensing courses are available to anyone at any time, and we are confident this training would be a good fit for you. Our courses are comprised of videos that mimic a real live training experience. They are not webinars. We feel strongly that webinars don’t capture the focus of students effectively. We take great care to build our courses in a way that teaches students well and also allows them to access course materials when it is convenient for them. 

Our courses are available to you completely on your own time. We understand that many of our students have jobs and busy lives, so we make it possible for you to study on your own time. Make your own study schedule and gain the knowledge you need to be set up for success with our licensing courses. If you have any questions or would like to partake in our training program, call us to get started or sign up online. 


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