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Are You Considering Becoming an Auto Insurance Claims Adjuster?

The insurance adjusting world offers many different paths that you can take. From natural disaster adjusters to auto claims adjusters, you will find the position that best suits you. In this blog, we are discussing what an auto insurance claims adjuster does, and the qualities it takes to succeed down this road. Like any other insurance adjusting position in Texas, you need to pass the Texas insurance licensing exam. 2021 Training will help you get started with the best online training courses.

What Is an Auto Insurance Claims Adjuster?

These adjusters are usually employed by insurance companies to inspect cars damaged in a collision or accident. Part of the process is to interview the claimants and ask them their side of the story. As an auto insurance claims adjuster, you go to the vehicle scene, inspect the damages, and determine how much the insurance can cover. You then work out payments with the claimant. 

Duties of an Auto Adjuster

Some claims can be handled over the phone. However, more serious, complex ones require you to drive to the scene of the accident. You will ask the claimant for the statement of the accident. Then, if it’s possible, you will interview witnesses, passengers, and the other driver involved. This information will help you determine who was at fault during the accident. It will also determine if the damages are covered by the insurance policy. And, it will help protect the insurance company from fraud.

An auto insurance claims adjuster will then inspect the damages and document them through pictures and video. Next, you will obtain police reports, accident reports, and hospital records to verify related insurance costs. These reports and records should be given to you by the claimant for evaluation. 

You may also request that the vehicle is taken to a licensed repair shop, so you can get a repair estimate and vehicle appraisal. Finally, you will negotiate a settlement with the claimants. This will be based on the expenses incurred, the lost income, and the impact the accident had on the claimants, such as if the medical treatment was necessary and what the ages are. 

Skills Needed to Succeed

In order to execute your position successfully, you need to hone in on certain skills. You need good written and verbal communication skills. A big portion of your job is interviewing claimants and witnesses to determine the next course of action. Therefore, your people skills need to be great. You will also be writing the damage report to the insurance company, so you have to be a good writer to communicate effectively. 

An auto adjuster should also have good analytical skills and pay great attention to detail. You are acting as a detective in each case, so you have to notice every detail and analyze the damages accordingly. 

Background knowledge on auto repair preparation, auto body repair technology, or just understanding the different components of a vehicle and how they all relate to each other is crucial. This will allow you to determine the damages and what needs to be fixed, as well as a rough estimate of how much it will cost to repair.

Begin Your Path with 2021 Training

So, if you are an aspiring auto insurance claims adjuster, sign up for online training courses with 2021 Training. We offer all the resources you need to ace the Texas insurance licensing exam on the first try. We also provide continuing education courses if you need to renew your license. Get in touch with us today to get started!

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