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Attributes of a Successful Claims Adjuster – Part 3

On Tuesday we talked about being a self-starter.  Let’s add the next step.

Attributes of a Successful Claims Adjuster #3 – Be Resourceful

Think “Boy Scouts” here.  What do you have to work with?  Anyone is capable of becoming an insurance adjuster.  Let that soak in for a bit.  Anyone is capable of becoming and insurance adjuster.  Having a “can do” attitude and being a self-starter will move you forward toward your dream of becoming an independent adjuster.

So what does being resourceful have to do with becoming an insurance adjuster? Let me explain that by sharing my personal experience during Hurricane Sandy. They first deployed us to Richmond, VA to go through orientation. Soon we were handed our claims. I heard all kinds of stories about what to expect on Long Island, New York. People were talking about limited gas and no place to stay.

It first started with a Can Do attitude.  Not going to Long Island wasn’t an option if I wanted to work. So I found some gas tanks that I could carry with me.  I figured an extra 10 gallons of gas would help me get to where I needed to go, and going in with a full tank would give me two days worth of driving.

Next was the issue of lodging.  Craigslist was my next idea.  I checked a few hotels and those who had rooms were charging around $300 a night!  So I had my wife call rooms for rent off of Craigslist.  After several calls, I had a room for $300 a week.  It was nothing more than a mattress in a room, but it had heat and wifi.

Preparing ahead, I brought a table and chair to set up a work desk.  Was it optimal? No, but it was by far a better option than paying $300 a night for a room that already had a desk.  The priority was getting my claims done quickly and not wasting time or money on a place to stay.

When I realized the high cost of the hotels, I had the option to fret over the expense or think outside the box for a solution.  I won’t promise that it’s always easy, but making the best of things is always in your best interest.

One thing I’ve noticed is people can get trapped wasting A LOT of time trying to save a few dollars in the wrong areas.  Yes, be frugal, but you need to be quick and efficient in all that you do.  If you don’t, it will cost you more time and money in the long run.

Think of it this way.  If you had the option of a $50 a night hotel but you had to drive 2 hours each way, or a $150 a night hotel that is in the middle of where you were working, which is the better option?  Spending 4 hours driving a day will wear on you very quickly.  As an adjuster, you can easily make up that $100 difference by adjusting just one more claim a day. And thinking out of the box could present the best option.  In my case, I paid the higher hotel rate the first few days until I found the less expensive room.

What is it that CAT companies want from you more than anything?  Closing claims.  It’s expected that you do your work thoroughly and quickly with minimal errors.  Nobody is perfect, but you’d better be good.  Use everything at your disposal to close claims quickly and completely.

This is something you need to recognize and remember. Be resourceful and think with the end in mind.

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