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Attributes of a Successful Claims Adjuster – Part 5

We talked last time about being logical.  As we talk about the attributes of being a good adjuster, you’ll find areas that come naturally to you and some that don’t.  Most of these traits can be learned with some focused attention.

It’s my firm belief that anyone can become an excellent adjuster. It’s our job here at 2021 Training to show you how that’s possible regardless of your background and experience.

Attributes of a Successful Claims Adjuster #5 – Have Computer Skills

The average age of new adjusters is 40-50.  I’ve talked to so many who wish they’d known about this opportunity years earlier, but that’s a discussion for another time.

Computer skills are extremely important as an independent adjuster.  Back in the day, computers weren’t used much and the real “skill” was being able to figure out what was covered and not covered for a claim.  We live in a society of technology.  Technology has given us a flood of information that is being incorporated into our work.

Here’s a quick list of computer related skills that I was expected to have on my last deployment. I needed to be able to:

•    Use email to correspond with the insured and the CAT company
•    Create and send PDF documents
•    Resize photographs on my computer
•    Connect my laptop to WIFI from my cell phone
•    Download pictures from my camera or cell phone to laptop
•    Make frequent backups of my work files
•    Use a variety of web sites to look up and/or log information
•    Use Xactimate to adjust claims

This list isn’t meant to be complete or exhaustive, but it’s meant to give you an idea of things you should be comfortable with.  As with most places of work, there are people around who will help you with small details of things you’re learning, but I encourage you to get your laptop out and make it your new best friend.

If you think there’s even a possibility of adjusting claims on the spot, then I’d suggest you put all your equipment in your car and see what it’s like to write a claim in your car.  Plug in your AC converter and hook up your printer.  Sit in your car and write a claim, then print it.  You will only know what works and what doesn’t work by trying things out.  Do you find it hard to sit with your laptop in your lap?  Perhaps you could install a portable computer desk in your car.

Each CAT company has its own procedure for tracking and managing claims.  They have a system for recording your activities.  They can’t run their business without knowing that you’re doing your job.  So the bottom line is that you need to be VERY comfortable with computers.  You will have enough company specific things to learn while you’re on the job, so you don’t need the added complication of learning your computer skills at the same time.

If you don’t feel comfortable with your computer, there are many classes out there that can help you.  It’s well worth your time now.

Next Attribute – Care About People provides training and CE’s for adjusters, including licensing for the state of Texas. We create affordable online training and provide an interactive experience by delivering audio/video training that’s highly regarded by our students.


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