Attributes of a Successful Claims Adjuster – Part 2

We’re covering 8 major attributes of a successful adjuster and how you can hone your own skills to become more successful personally and in your career. Being an Insurance Adjuster is a profession.  It’s a great opportunity because of the low barrier of entry, but that doesn’t lessen the skill needed to be great.

We discussed a Can Do attitude in Part 1.  Let’s step further into what it takes to become a good – and profitable – insurance adjuster.

Attributes of a Successful Claims Adjuster #2 – Be a Self-Starter

So you want to be an insurance adjuster.  Maybe you’ve taken your licensing class and a few other classes to get licensed, or you’re just now checking out what insurance adjusting is all about. You’ve taken the first step, but what’s next?

How difficult was/is it for you to decide to get started, and how long did it take for you to actually do it?  Being a self-starter is about continually moving forward.

The old adage is true that there’s no such thing as standing still.  We’re either moving forward or slipping backward.  Both of those activities take up your most precious thing in life: Your Time.

Being an insurance adjuster is an incredible profession.  Great pay, incredible flexibility, and not being economy-driven all add up to a great opportunity.  I’m not saying it’s for everyone, but I am saying that it’s great and not many professions can match what it has to offer.  Especially now.

So your most valuable commodity is TIME.  A self-starter will quickly understand the best thing to do is move forward.  If you’re just getting started or need more training, there’s a way to make it happen.  You can set yourself up for an incredible career.

Excuses? We all have them. They may be as simple as “I’m tired,” or “I don’t feel like working on it right now,” or even “I don’t have $200 to get my license”. Ask yourself how you can muster up the energy or find a way to pay for the opportunity to earn a better than average income. Decide to make things happen for yourself.

Remember we’re talking about being a self-starter.  My ninth grader could find a way to scrape together $200 and purchase an online class if it was something she wanted.  Choose to invest in yourself and move forward.

So, how this will affect you as an adjuster?

This is a key attribute to develop.  That way when you’re sitting with a group of 40 claims, you make sure to check in and move forward.  Adjusters are willing to get up early and work late.  Why?  We each have our own motivation.  What’s yours? If you keep that in front of you, it will make moving forward much easier.  For many, an easy motivation is simply earning money.

Unless you can tap into the part of yourself that wakes you up in the morning and pushes you forward, you will always struggle.

As for me, I love people. So it’s easy for me to serve the insureds when I see what they’re dealing with. When I was working flood claims for Hurricane Sandy, I found joy in helping people put their lives together. My part was getting their claim done quickly and completely.

Do you already possess a self-starter attitude?  The good news is if you don’t now, you can develop it.  Taking quick action is easier for some than for others, but anyone can commit to developing the habit. more helpful hints   Think of something that was important enough for you to move quickly in the past, and let that guide you now.  Move forward every day!

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