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August 2019: Insurance Industry Headlines

2021 Training is your resource for insurance industry news and headlines. This month, we look at the importance of disaster preparedness for small businesses faced with catastrophes; the sometimes grim nature of insurance adjusting; advances in drone flight technology; and the arrival of insurtech and why agencies should adopt it sooner rather than later.

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Small Businesses Learn Importance of Disaster Preparedness

When Hurricanes Irma and Maria decimated Puerto Rico in 2017, they left countless people displaced and without electricity or the means to communicate with each other. Small businesses found themselves in chaos, unable to reach employees to see if they were injured, and unable to establish a meeting place for staffers who could still get to work. Some businesses were without power for weeks. Their productivity was zero and their revenue was soon wiped out.

Inspired by these and other tragedies, small businesses everywhere are taking steps to make sure they can continue to work in the face of disaster. Companies who formerly did their work on local servers have moved their operations to the cloud so they can work remotely when roads are impassable or power is out. Many businesses are putting aside emergency funds to get them through tough times when customers have more immediate uses for their money, like rebuilding homes.

These are examples we should all follow in our professional and personal lives. Disaster preparedness could make all the difference during a severe weather event or other catastrophe.

 Insurance Adjuster Makes Grim Discovery

An insurance adjuster in North Carolina was investigating a house fire claim when he came upon something disturbing in the ashes: human remains. The adjuster alerted the police, who sent the medical examiner to the site to confirm that the remains did belong to a human who died in the fire. There is still no word on the deceased individual’s identity. Charlotte-Mecklenburg firefighters had put out the fire the previous Saturday without discovering the remains.

While this story is unusual enough to make headlines, the job of an insurance adjuster can sometimes be emotionally taxing. You must be prepared to help people who have just lost everything they own and to work in devastated, occasionally hazardous locations. Insurance adjusting isn’t always a job for the faint of heart, but it is a rewarding career nonetheless.

Insurtech is Here: Why Agencies Must Adopt It

There have been some troubling headlines recently about the rate at which smaller insurance agencies are going out of business. Some have been forced to file bankruptcy because of the high costs of natural disasters, such as the California wildfires. However, it seems that the majority of the agencies going out of business are simply not keeping up with modern insurtech.

Insurtech has expanded to offer industry-specific programs for all aspects of the insurance industry, including agency search engine optimization and artificial intelligence to decrease underwriting workloads. Look for programs that augment, rather than replace, human workers. Agencies that adopt these game changers will have a much easier time surviving in days to come.

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