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Autumn Disasters For CAT Adjusters

With Autumn coming around the corner, the insurance world is gearing up for plenty of natural disasters to strike across the country. Most of all are the CAT (Catastrophe) adjusters.  Since CAT adjusters are required to travel to the affected areas, it is important that they know the different types of damages that are associated with each disaster.


Although Spring is typically the season for storms, the Autumn months can create plenty of them as well. The air is still warm enough to create severe weather conditions and cause secondary disasters such as tornadoes and flooding. Heavy rain, lightning, and strong winds can uproot trees which can fall onto cars and houses. Other types of damage commonly associated with thunderstorms are collapsed roofs and foundational damage. 


Although tornadoes are a separate natural disaster, they are commonly associated with severe storms. Tornados are narrow rotating columns of air that produce extremely high speed winds capable of lifting houses off of their foundation and tossing cars hundreds of feet away. Tornado season typically occurs in the spring but the southwest has a second tornado season around mid-fall to winter. Most tornadoes last less than ten minutes but that is more than enough time for them to inflict severe damage on neighborhoods and towns. High winds can turn debris into shrapnel, extending the reach of the tornado significantly.


Everyone knows that when Autumn comes around, we can expect to see leaves turn a beautiful orange, yellow or brown color. These leaves usually begin to fall around the third week of October. The foliage produces perfect wildfire conditions, especially when there has been a lack of rain. Fires can be absolutely devastating, devouring homes and businesses, and leveling forests. In 2021, nearly 6000 structures were burned in wildfires. With Texas receiving an especially hot summer this year, it is more important now that CAT adjusters are familiar with wildfire incidents.  


Hurricane season is not exclusive to Autumn as the season runs from July-November, but the hurricane activity is usually at its peak between mid-August to mid-October. Hurricanes are types of tropical storms that affect millions of people all over the world. In the US, those living off the southwest coast and pacific coast are most likely to experience the effects of a hurricane. Also known as cyclones or typhoons, these intense tropical storms can cause flooding, high winds, and storm surges. Hurricanes have the potential to cause the most damage on this list, so adjusters should be well aware of the damages associated with these disasters. While roofs and other structural parts of houses are most commonly damaged, public utilities are also often destroyed.

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Knowledge of the common disasters that take place during Autumn allows CAT adjusters to perform their jobs at the highest level while providing meaningful aid to those impacted. If you are not a CAT adjuster but are curious about the field of insurance adjustment, contact us here and see if this could be the right career path for you!


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