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Avoid These 3 Simple Mistakes New Adjusters Make

As the summer months go into the rear-view mirror and the stormy seasons of winter and spring arrive, the need for insurance claims adjusters rises. If you’re one of the new adjusters seeking to get a foothold during this time of the year, then there’s probably a burning question you’d like to have answered: “Which mistakes should I be avoiding?” 

The answer will probably seem simpler than you think, because the short answer, at least to me, is that new adjusters simply aren’t sure of themselves or the process they need to follow while on the job. I don’t blame new adjusters, and I know that everyone has been at that point because there are some things that just have to be figured out along the way. 

When it comes to insurance claims adjusting though, there are some things that new adjusters should try to avoid. To help new adjusters feel better prepared for their new role while positioning themselves for real success over time, I’ve decided to spend a little time going over a few areas that seem to create more than a few headaches for beginners. 

Keep in mind that while it is easy to BECOME a licensed adjuster, achieving true success in the field will depend on how many claims you are closing successfully.  

Be Prepared to Write (A Lot)

A big misconception most people have when entering the insurance claims industry is that most of the work will be in inspections. The reality is, though, that more than half of the work (and the most difficult work) will be in the estimate writing. I cannot put enough emphasis on how big of an impact it can make to be properly prepared for the writing aspects of being a claims adjuster. 

To put it in practical terms, being able to write multiple claims in a short time is much more productive than a single claim written during that same time. In addition to potentially earning more money, you are also making yourself a more valuable resource to your employer, which will translate into more opportunities to write claims in the future. 

Keep in mind, though, that trying to learn on the fly during a big deployment after a storm is typically a bad approach. Instead of taking time away from your colleagues during a busy period, your best option is to practice ahead of time as much as possible so that you understand the basics. Once you’ve got the core process down comfortably, you can work on mastering small tricks that can speed up your writing even further down the road. 

Stick to an Organized System

Spending the time as early as possible to establish an organized system for your claims adjustment process is very important. Whether you’re dealing with a single claim or a whole neighborhood at once, attention to detail is incredibly important. Closing claims means making sure that everything has been handled the right way, and missing even small steps can be a headache to deal with later on. If nothing else, you’ll be spending extra time and effort to correct your mistakes. Trust me on this one. 

One of the toughest things to deal with is the stress of trying to complete multiple claims in a short amount of time. Instead of feeling rushed, though, it is important to stick to an organized process. The speed you’re after will come through practice and with confidence. If you try to rush yourself through multiple claims without a lot of experience, the chances are high you’ll make a costly mistake somewhere along the way. 

Stay Calm When Things Are Tough

One of the hardest challenges of learning to be an insurance claims adjuster is actually figuring out how to handle the workload successfully during your first major deployment. While the opportunity for success is there, I cannot deny that there is a real need to be prepared to stay strong no matter how tough things get.  

To be a truly successful adjuster, you’ll need to be ready for some genuinely tough challenges, especially while you’re still learning how everything works and perfecting your process. With the right training and a solid-state of mind though, success can be within your grasp. 

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If you’re looking for more advice on how to achieve success in this industry, then don’t hesitate to reach out to me and my team at 2021 Training. With years of experience and a passion for the work itself, I’m always ready to share information on the best ways to find success.


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