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Become a CAT Adjuster This Holiday Season

The holidays are creeping up and so is sitting down with your relatives and friends who are excited to ask you a bunch of questions about your school, career, and life overall. Sounds daunting right? And what if you haven’t found the career that ticks off all your boxes? Well, have you considered becoming a CAT adjuster? It’s a challenging, yet rewarding career path that allows you to grow in your work space as well as a person. And do you know what the best part is? You can get your license before Christmas rolls around! 

What Does a CAT Adjuster Do?

There are many types of insurance adjusters, and a CAT adjuster is a popular choice. CAT adjusters travel to places where catastrophes have struck, and they help people that filed insurance claims for their damaged property. 

These adjusters interview the claimants to figure out what happened and what was damaged due to the natural disaster. They assess the property and its damages and determine an amount that the claimants’ insurance companies should cover. Then, CAT adjusters help the claimants file the paperwork to the insurance companies. Essentially, you will work as the middleman between the claimants and insurance companies. Your evaluation must remain unbiased and you must have great analytical skills. 

If you are big on traveling, this is a great career opportunity. You must be willing to drop whatever you are doing and travel to the places that get hit by natural disasters. You serve as a first responder and help people get through these tough times.

Skill You Need to Be Successful

If you want to succeed as a CAT adjuster, you need to be a great communicator, have detective and analytical skills, and have background knowledge on the properties you will be working with. 


Since you are the middleman, you need to be clear and transparent with both the claimants and the insurance companies. You will also be dealing with lots of paperwork, so you must master both written and verbal communication

Detective and Analytical Skills

You need to pay close attention to detail. Afterall, you will be assessing damages that occurred to people’s property. Sometimes, damages were already there before the disaster. In those cases, you need to be able to discern the old damages from the new ones.

Background Knowledge

You should have well-rounded background knowledge on the types of properties you will be analyzing. For example, as a CAT adjuster, you will be dealing with buildings and homes a lot. You should have background knowledge in construction (building structures and house frameworks, etc)  and know what kind of things to look out for when analyzing damages. This will help you make a better decision and assessment.

2021 Training Can Fulfill Your Holiday Dream

If becoming a CAT adjuster seems like a great fit for you, 2021 Training can help you get started. We offer online courses that can be taken anywhere and at any time. You can complete our courses in a couple of days, and be on your way to get your adjusting license. Our comprehensive resources will ensure that you ace the licensing exam on the first try. Therefore, you can show off your new career path at the dinner table this holiday season. Get in touch with 2021 Training today to get started.


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