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Why Become An Insurance Adjuster – Part 4 Recession Proof

Claims adjusting is a recession proof career because insurance claim events happen every year.  The state of our economy and  spending, individually or as a nation, isn’t a major factor in the amount of work available to you as a claims adjuster.

Statistically, most people go through 5-6 job changes and even 1-2 career changes in their working lifetime.  Long gone is working for one company for an entire career.

These changes are most frequently dictated by the companies rather than the employee simply choosing to do something different. While we\’re somewhat at the mercy of our employers, there are some ways to minimize the impact by adding training and licensing as an insurance adjuster which can become a part time or full time career.

Companies come and go, sometimes due to changes in technology or sales. A restaurant that was popular a while ago could be virtually empty now.  A cool toy that everyone had to have last year isn\’t anywhere to be seen anymore.  Things are in constant change.

So how does this relate to the life of an insurance adjuster?  As our assets become more and more expensive, insurance is the only means to protect them from catastrophic loss.  So it\’s safe to assume that insurance isn\’t going to disappear in our lifetime. The other constant is damage happening to those things that we insure.

Losses of all sizes will happen.  Hail and hurricanes, fires, and tornadoes are constant reminders that weather related disasters continue to strike.  Then there are broken pipes and car accidents.  They are simply a part of life.  They aren\’t driven by economic events.

Certainly the economy has some effect on the types of things we purchase, and therefore, insure.  But storms have no prejudice or reason. Storms happen and adjusters will be needed to work the claims. There may be times with fewer major storms in a given area, but there will always be others coming.

The frequency of large storms only tend to affect new adjusters. Once you have some experience as an adjuster, you\’ll have been able to proof your skills and move higher up on the rosters.  This will allow you to work on many more events that don\’t even make the news.  Most people don\’t realize how many weather related events happen around the United States each year.

It\’s comforting to know you\’re part of an industry that isn\’t driven by the economy.  Insurance adjusting is a great career with multiple benefits, especially for those who learn or already know how to manage their own business.  To learn more about what\’s required to become an insurance adjuster check out thelicensing process and courses at

Adjusters have a small investment for which they can earn substantial income. The amount of education required is specific to the work and can be handled in a small amount of time rather than years for other degrees. You can start now and be licensed within a couple of months. We can also show you how to align yourself with CAT companies to seek assignments and participate in the high income potential.

And next we’ll discuss how a career as a claims adjuster can provide your career freedom.

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