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Why Become An Insurance Adjuster – Part 5 Freedom

So far in our blog series, we\’ve covered the:

  • Small Investment
  • Minimal Education Requirements
  • High Earning Potential and
  • How the Field is Recession Proof

You may have found yourself getting excited about the benefits of an insurance adjuster.  The fifth benefit in this series is the another exciting part of being an adjuster:  freedom!

As an independent adjuster working catastrophe claims, you have an incredible amount of flexibility which also means freedom.

Financial Freedom
You may be looking for part time, supplemental income for down time in another field.  Or you may be looking to build a full time career as a CAT adjuster.  Either will give you greater financial freedom.

If you\’re a seasoned CAT adjuster, you\’ve worked storms throughout  the year. Then, if there are no major storms at the end of the year, you\’re able to enjoy time off for family and fun.

Expect it to take some time to develop your income as an adjuster.  How you position yourself for deployment throughout the year will determine how often you work claims. It\’s freeing to know that there\’s always work out there.

Having that financial freedom will allow you and your family to reduce financial stress.  We recommend you set income aside, of course, for the times when there are fewer major storms.

Mental Freedom
Many people feel trapped in jobs they don’t enjoy. Mentally, they\’re always concerned about company politics and posturing.  Adjusters don’t have to worry about this.

You are agreeing to complete a task in a predetermined manner. The good news here is that you get to control almost every aspect of how you get that done within their guidelines.

They\’re available to help you if needed, and they\’re also happy to allow you do your job without micro-managing.  No one will be watching everything you do. Be aware, though, that being professional and doing your job in the best possible manner will get you noticed in a favorable way.  Companies prefer the adjusters they don’t have to babysit. They want people who work without supervision and with professionalism.  They want to see claims closed.

This means more deployments and more income for you.

Physical Freedom
As an adjuster, you get to create your own schedule and life.  Do you like to start your day at noon?  Do you not want to work on Sundays?  Do you need to be off by 4?  Anything is possible.

Your only commitment is to complete what you’ve accepted.  Many adjusters enjoy working longer hours for short periods of time.  It all has to do with efficiency, but the truth is you can work at a pace that fits your goals in most cases.

Long days make sense when you\’re away from home and can only return when you’ve completed your claims.  So it makes sense to get things done in 10 days versus 16 days if it’s up to you.  The best part is that it IS up to you.  You can work around most anything you need.

Insurance adjusting is a great career.
Don’t lose sight, however, that it\’s still work.  It takes effort and skill, and the rewards are well worth the challenges.  It\’s a career field unmatched by most as far as the potential income and long term possibilities.

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