Becoming a CAT Adjuster is Simple in Arlington, Texas

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If you like adrenaline rushes and helping people out in a time of need, then becoming a CAT adjuster is a great fit for you. You will be asked to travel to areas that have experienced a natural disaster or catastrophe. CAT adjusters handle many cases in a short period of time. This means lots of monetary benefits, but time management is key. 2021 Training can set you up for success. We offer comprehensive courses to fully prepare you for the Texas adjuster license exam. If you live in Arlington, Texas, becoming a CAT Adjuster has never been easier. Our classes can be taken at your own pace, wherever you are. 

What Is a CAT Adjuster?

Natural disasters are very common in Arlington, Texas, and all over the state. Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc, we deal with all of them. Many people lose their homes or their property gets damaged. These people want their insurance to cover as much as it can, so they can recover from their losses. A CAT adjuster specializes in natural disaster claims and acts as the middleman. You will be one of the first responders to the area that is impacted. There, you will inspect the property, analyze the damages, and determine how much the insurance company should cover. 

It is very important to act as an unbiased third party during claims settlement. You must also have great people skills. You will be interviewing the claimants, as well as witnesses in order to piece the picture together. This will help you make more precise decisions. 

Traveling and Flexibility

Becoming a CAT adjuster means you will have lots of traveling on your schedule. Natural disasters happen unexpectedly, so you must be able to pick up your things and go from one moment to the other. Of course, you can choose which cases you want to work on, but they will all be unexpected. That’s where the adrenaline kicks in. 

When you work independently, you are able to schedule the amount of hours that you want to work. However, that also means that you must be great with time management. We recommend establishing a routine, as well as setting time aside to continue looking for new claims to work on. There are great monetary opportunities as a CAT adjuster, but you have to be willing to drop everything and travel to the affected areas. 

2021 Training Prepares You for Success

If you live in Arlington, Texas, and are thinking about becoming a CAT adjuster, 2021 Training has your back. Our interactive courses will thoroughly educate you in the world of adjusting. Our resources are extensive. From study tips to nailing your first interview, we cover it all. Get in touch with us today, and let’s start your career!

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Jeri Jackson

Exceptional customer service! Cherie, Chris, and Dave the instructor are all very personable. Instructor relates subject matter to real world experiences. User friendly format. Good experience … Thanks y’all!

Maria Carmona

I did a lot of online research for the best course to take to get my adjuster license for workers compensation. I took the all lines course which included w/c and am pleased to say this is the best choice! The class instruction is very thorough, concise and easy to comprehend and the study material was a big asset. I highly recommend it!  Do not hesitate as this is the best choice!

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