Busy Season As An Insurance Adjuster

One aspect of insurance adjusting you may not have considered is whether or not an insurance adjuster has a busy season. Many jobs and fields of work have what they call a busy season, and it looks different for each different industry. For insurance adjusters, the busy season is typically associated with severe weather. Insurance adjusters typically deal with a good amount of claims from home or car damage due to bad weather conditions. Here are some situations you may deal with during the busy season as an insurance adjuster.

Car Damage

As an insurance adjuster, you will probably find yourself dealing with quite a few car damage claims. This type of claim may increase in the winter because you are dealing with more rain and snowfall, the roads are more slippery, and in more severe instances, you may deal with damage from fallen tree branches.

It’s not uncommon to see someone make the mistake of parking under a tree. Whether the tree has branches hanging over the driveway or they wanted shelter, it can sometimes provide the opposite effect. When snow and rainfall are heavy, tree branches are more likely to break off and damage everything in their path as it falls. 

Whether you are helping your client file a claim from a slippery wreck on the road or a fallen branch, you will probably see a significant increase in these weather-related car wreck claims. Expect more of these situations during the busy season as an insurance adjuster. 

Home Damage

Just as weather affects the roads, it also affects people’s homes. Bursting pipes is one of the most common issues homeowners face. The weather doesn’t have to be particularly bad for this to happen, but when the temperature drops below freezing, if the right precautions are not taken, such as letting your faucet drip overnight, the pipes can burst easily.

Another dangerous event that increases in the winter that you may deal with is house fires. During the winter, people light more candles. It is always important to be careful and take the proper cautions when lighting a candle. Whether it is a jar candle or a candle stick, it is important to make sure the hot wax is contained or has a place to properly flow to, and make sure there is nothing within the reach of the flame. Keep an eye on it, and blow it out if you have to leave.

House fires increase in the winter also increase because more appliances are plugged in which can overload electrical outlets. Christmas lights, extra household appliances, space heaters, and more can use a lot of power, easily overloading the outlets.

Other Damages

Bad weather can cause other damages too that can make for a busy season in the life of an insurance adjuster. Broken gutters and roofing issues are also reasons for claim increases. Bad or cold weather can make for a busy season as an insurance adjuster. The best thing you can do is to be prepared for the increase in claims. Stay organized and make sure to keep yourself safe when the weather gets bad, the last thing you need in your busy season as an insurance adjuster is to have to file a claim of your own.

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