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Careers for Property Damage Inspectors

Depending on where you live, there is a good possibility of property damage from natural disasters. Here in Texas, we have tornadoes, hail storms, and flash floods. The southwest and east coast have hurricanes and flooding. The midwest has tornadoes and derechos. The west has earthquakes and wildfires. Then there are the risks that exist almost anywhere, such as fires and storms. When disaster strikes, property damage inspectors are usually the first on the scene to help homeowners start the repair process. They step in at a pivotal time to help people rebuild their homes, which is a very exciting and rewarding experience.

What is a Property Damage Inspector?

A Property Damage Inspector is just another name for an insurance claims adjuster. These professionals work for insurance companies as employees or contractors. They visit homes and businesses that have experienced structural damage due to a disaster and investigate. They carefully evaluate the damages, determine their causes, and estimate the cost of repairs. Once they complete this process, they assist the client in settling their claim with the insurance company so that repairs can begin. 

Property Damage Inspector Career Details

A property damage inspector is either directly employed by an insurance company or is an independent contractor. There are pros and cons to each situation. As a W-2 employee, inspectors typically make less money than their independent contractor counterparts. However, they also may be entitled to benefits that contractors don’t get, such as health insurance, PTO, company car and equipment, and a more steady, predictable schedule. Employee inspectors may also travel less frequently and focus on local cases. 

Independent contractors don’t reap the benefits of being a W-2 employee, but for many, the trade-off is more than worth it. Contractors have unlimited earning potential, as they can contract for different companies and travel to have access to more cases. They also have the flexibility to take time off whenever they need it. Since a great number of these adjusters tend to be catastrophe inspectors, they often work long hours and weeks during busier parts of the year and take extended breaks during the off season. This is an ideal situation for someone who is independent and can manage their finances well.

How to Become a Property Damage Inspector in Texas

Property damage inspector careers have an extremely low barrier to entry. There is no formal education required, but adjusters often find a basic degree in business or finance helpful for foundational knowledge. Texas requires licensing for inspectors, which is an exam that can be taken online in most cases. Many companies like 2021 Training offer preparation courses that give you all the information to start a successful career in property damage inspection. Once the training is complete, we also offer the licensing exam to our students for an easy and seamless transition from training to work. When working outside of Texas, you may be required to have an out of state license for that state. This varies depending on that state’s requirements for adjusters.

Career Outlook for Insurance Adjusters

The career outlook for property damage inspectors is very good. While experts predict a slight decline over the next 10 years due to automation (<4%), there are many reasons to believe that this field will only grow. Many experts predict that natural disasters will only become more prevalent and last for longer each season due to climate change, which means there will be more damage to inspect. Additionally, while automation tools are wonderful for making the claims process more efficient, there is simply no replacement for the human eye and human interaction needed to help clients through a difficult time. 

Start Your New Career with 2021 Training

If you are looking for an exciting new career path as a property damage inspector, 2021 Training can help you take the first steps. Our New Adjuster training modules for the state of Texas can help you. Visit our courses page to get started today!


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