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Colorado Wildfires Make for a Disastrous Start to 2022

The midwest is already being hit with unique and terrifying natural disasters in the new year. Learn the latest news about the most recent Colorado wildfire.

Colorado has been struggling with devastating wildfires since 2013. Unfortunately, this year seems to be no exception as Denver and Boulder experienced the worst wildfire in the state’s history on Dec. 30, 2021.

Residents were forced to evacuate amid cold weather and snowfall as flames up to 40-feet high engulfed their homes. This means that many people welcomed in the new year homeless and faced the remnants of disaster upon their return.

Colorado Wildfire Damage 2022

This is the most destructive wildfire Colorado has ever experienced. On Jan. 1, 2022– the Biden administration declared a state of emergency as Boulder County combatted wildfires and straight-line winds. 

The fire started on December 30th and has already enveloped 6,000 acres of land, burning up entire football field lengths of land in mere minutes. Houses, buildings, and land were all affected by the devastation. 

The people of Colorado will undoubtedly need federal assistance and reliable insurance adjusters to rebuild their homes and businesses over the next several years. 

What Caused The Wildfires In Boulder and Denver?

Wildfires ravaged these two major Colorado cities, but what caused the fires, and how did they spread so fast? 

We still don’t have a clear answer as to what caused the fires that forced tens of thousands of people out of their homes. Many speculate that fallen power lines or an uncontrolled shed fire upwind of the wildfires caused the fire. 

What we do know is that Colorado’s ongoing drought is largely to blame for how far the destruction was able to spread. Even the snow in Denver wasn’t able to dampen the flames due to the impact of 110 mph gusts that fanned the flames.

Rebuilding After The Recent Colorado Wildfire

Experts have already stated that it may take years to rebuild from the wildfires. To ensure that the damage caused by the flames can be fixed without any further delays, well-trained independent insurance adjusters must begin processing insurance claims ASAP. From there, people will get the money they need to rebuild their homes and businesses from the ground up. 

Wildfire Insurance

Colorado has been dealing with wildfires for the last nine years. By now most people know how to adequately insure their businesses and residences. As a CAT adjuster, you assess the damage and get them the money they’re owed based on their policy and the damages. You can expect to investigate claims for the following insurance policies.  

  • Homeowners insurance– This covers structural damage to the policyholder’s home and any other structures on their property like sheds and garages. Once you approve their claim, they will be given money to repair or rebuild their home. This policy also covers damaged belongings, trees, and shrubs. 
  • Renter’s Insurance– The landlord will likely be responsible for any wildfire damage to the property, but the renter’s insurance protects the policyholder’s belongings. It even covers theft and vandalism in case looters damage their property following a catastrophe. 
  • Auto Insurance– If the policyholder has a comprehensive auto insurance policy that includes fire protection, the insurance company pays for either vehicle repairs or a new vehicle. 
  • Business Insurance– This comprehensive policy covers property damage, equipment, and loss of inventory. Business Interruption insurance pays the equivalent of any profits you would have made while your office is out of commission. It also covers any expenses you accrue while operating outside of your business location. 

Both renter’s and homeowners insurance policies also cover additional living expenses while the policyholder waits for home repairs. This includes things like hotel stays and eating out.  

2021 Training– Become A CAT Adjuster

Insurance adjusters have never been more in demand, and since Colorado doesn’t have a licensing program. That\’s why we recommend that Colorado insurance adjusters get their All-Lines license and designate Texas as their home state. This license is the perfect solution for people who want to become Colorado CAT adjusters because it qualifies you to assess claims there, and the Texas license has reciprocity agreements with 32 other states. 

One of the biggest problems after a catastrophe is that there just aren’t enough claims adjusters to go around. If you decide to become a CAT adjuster, you will always have plenty of work. You’ll also do a lot of good for people waiting on funds to come through so they can start over. If you’re ready to start a profitable insurance adjusting career, sign up for our Smart Start package today. 


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