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Common Insurance Claims Filed On Holidays

As an insurance adjuster, you may see an influx of claims filed on holidays. Accidents are bound to happen when a lot of people gather in one place, and you are even more at risk for accidents when you combine it with alcohol, as people often do during the holidays.

You can’t 100% avoid being one of the people to need insurance claims filed on holidays, but you can make it a less stressful time by making sure you are familiar with your policy. If you are an insurance adjuster or thinking of starting a career in the field, you can take a few extra steps to prepare for potential claims filed on holidays.

Make sure you are well-studied on situations you may deal with. If you know how to help people file claims over these common holiday accidents, you can save yourself time when it comes down to it. When you are prepared you can work faster, be less stressed, and can move on to your next claim faster.

Cooking Fires

Lots of people spend the holidays cooking for their families and various holiday parties, so cooking fires in the home are not uncommon. You’ve probably seen comical portrayals of people burning their turkeys to bits in many holiday movies. While it makes for a funny scene in movies, it is also a very real and dangerous holiday situation. 

Cooking fires can get out of control very quickly and can cause a lot of damage. Whether you are a new adjuster or not, prepare to see an influx of cooking fire insurance claims filed on holidays. Holiday cooking quickly gets out of control when you pair it with too many glasses of wine and friends. It’s too easy to get carried away in conversation while your turkey or pie burns to a crisp in the oven, and the next thing you know you are one of the unfortunate people that has to file a claim over the holidays. 

Fireplace Disasters

A fireplace mishap is another common reason for insurance claims filed on holidays. If it’s been a while since your chimney was last cleaned, make sure you clean it before lighting your fireplace this holiday season. This is especially important to remember if you will be hosting holiday events, as the last thing you need in the midst of your holiday soiree is a house fire. 

For insurance adjusters, filling a claim for housefires will follow most of the same protocols whether they originated from the stove, fireplace, or anywhere else. The biggest tool you need to be familiar with in order to file claims efficiently is xactimate. If you are familiar with this software, you will be ready to handle any type of claim that is thrown your way this holiday season.

Watch Out For Overloaded Outlets

This is another house fire-causing situation. While you may be tempted to let all the kids hide away to play on their Ipads and other electronics during your holiday parties, make sure they don’t overload your outlets while they are playing their games. You can try to avoid this by making sure their devices are charged beforehand.

Get Licensed With 2021 Training

If you aren’t licensed in insurance adjusting already, you can get educated to get your license before the holidays commence. Our courses can be completed at your own pace, and we provide you with everything you need in order to get licensed. We have many courses available to you if you are already licensed and are looking for more education. Call us at (972) 767-7699 or contact us anytime. Prepare yourself for the influx of insurance claims filed on holidays with 2021 Training.


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