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Common Insurance Claims on Texas Homeowners Policies

A homeowner’s policy protects policyholders from various risks or damage that occurs to or due to their home. It’s likely that you will process many of these claims as an All-Lines Adjuster or if you end up specializing in this area. These claims frequently need to be investigated because Texas has a lot of extreme weather. People may file claims for hail damage, repairs after a fire, to replace shingles if they’re blown off during a heavy windstorm. All of these are frequent occurrences in Texas. Homeowners rely on dependable insurance adjusters to quickly and accurately investigate and file information so they will have sufficient funds to start repairs and replacements. Most lenders also require proof of homeowners insurance before approving a mortgage. 

Homeowner coverage options

Homeowner’s insurance policies are a smart investment for people hoping to protect their property. Most people have at least basic coverage on their homes. However, there are different types of coverage options depending on the amount of security a homeowner either wants or needs. 

Dwelling coverage

Protects policyholders if their home is damaged or destroyed by a covered peril. This is a standard homeowners policy. Dwelling coverage typically includes anything built into your home. This may include roofing, walls, flooring, etc. 

Personal property coverage

Covers policyholder’s personal property including clothing, furniture, technology, etc. if they’re stolen, damaged, or destroyed. 

Personal liability coverage

Pays for lost wages, medical bills, court costs, and other expenses of anyone injured in your home. 

Loss of use coverage

This homeowner’s coverage picks up expenses if you can no longer stay in your home. It will cover rent, food, and other expenses you accrue that you wouldn’t have otherwise had.

Other structures coverage

This protects structures on your property, that aren’t attached to your homestead. This may be a barn, fence, garage, etc. 

Medical Payment Coverage

This coverage is similar to liability coverage, but also covers some injuries that occur away from your home. 

Insurance policies typically cover damage from:

  • Fire and lightning
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Heavy wind, hurricane, and hail
  • Accidental release of smoke or water
  • Vehicles

Insurance policies don’t cover damage from:

  • Flooding
  • Ongoing leaks
  • Insects and rodents
  • Earthquakes
  • General wear and tear

Homeowner claims training with 2021 Training

It’s smart to gain knowledge about Homeowners insurance policies because they offer security. If there’s one thing you can depend on in Texas, it’s crazy storms throughout the spring. As an insurance adjuster, you’ll be responsible for investigating claims caused by hail, tornadoes, and more. Make sure you’re ready to handle the workload with our pre-licensing courses and practical adjusting courses. These will help ensure you have the necessary credentials and know-how to tackle any claim that comes your way. All of our classes are led by experienced industry professionals and are 100% online. You can set your own pace and soak up the information. Need more help? We provide 24/7 access to support so you won’t get stalled waiting on us. 


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