Continuing Education for Insurance Adjusters

The insurance industry is one of many industries that requires continuing education. Continuing education helps adjusters keep on top of the latest information in the field. Insurance adjusters demonstrate their continued competency by completing CEUs, or continuing education units. CEUs provide a good way of measuring a person’s participation in a continuing education program. You can earn these by taking online courses and passing a test, similar to what you did to become licensed originally. Once you complete CEUS, you can report this information to your employer.

As a professional, you can complete CEUs to improve your skills. They help you stay current on technology, laws, and regulations that apply to your work. Even if your work doesn’t require you to attend a continuing education course, doing so voluntarily is a good way to demonstrate your commitment – and to improve performance at your job.

Standards have been set for the number and topics of CEUs to make sure that all the necessary standards are met. Depending on the particular profession, a certain number of CEUs will be required to get a certificate or renew your license. You will not be able to continue to practice without proof that you have completed the required training.

How Are CEUs Awarded?

In a continuing education program, one CEU is equivalent to 10 contact hours. Contact hours means that you have participated in an approved continuing education program. Various professions require different numbers of hours to complete your certification. Nurses, lawyers, educators, real estate agents, insurance agents, CPAs and engineers are just a few of the professions that require participation in continuing education programs.

The Texas Department of Insurance dictates that all adjusters renew their license every two years. There are many options available for meeting the State of Texas Continuing Education requirements for license renewal. This can lead to confusion for adjusters. Let’s clarify those options so you can make a wise choice as you prepare for your license renewal. 

Online classes continue to be the easiest way to get your Texas CE Requirements. 2021 Training has made obtaining your necessary Texas Continuing Education hours as convenient as possible.  We offer ONLINE Continuing Education courses which will allow you to obtain your hours from the comfort of your home or office.  Our courses are completely self-paced and will fulfill all of your Texas Continuing Education Requirements.

2021Training approved CE Credit courses

All of our online CE courses are approved for any Texas Insurance license type, including

  • All-Lines Adjuster
  • Property & Casualty Adjuster
  • Public Adjuster
  • General Lines Agent
  • Personal Lines Property & Casualty Agent
  • Life Agent
  • Managing General Agent
  • Insurance Service Representative
  • Limited Lines Agent

Certain licenses offered by Texas Department of Insurance have additional specialized requirements beyond the 2 hours of Ethics, but the general CE courses apply to ALL insurance license types.

2021 is Your CE Course Stop

Check out the CE credit courses that you’ll need to renew your Texas insurance license. Make sure that, as you get your CE’s for your license renewal, you’re getting exactly what you need.