This 3-course Smart Start Package was designed to save you money on Texas adjuster training and take care of the biggest and most important issues you need to address as you pursue your career as an insurance adjuster. 2021 Training is committed to getting you started with a solid foundation with this course. It will help you launch your adjusting career the right way. This package is for anyone getting into insurance adjusting.

The Smart Start Package will do several things for you, including

  • Provide you with an adjuster license through the Texas Pre-Licensing Course.
  • Teach you Xactimate® so you can become proficient in writing claims. You’ll be much better prepared than adjusters starting out without this specialized training.
  • Give you insider tips that most adjusters won’t have. You’ll understand HOW to be an adjuster and create your own system for adjusting.

**This is not for a Public Adjusters License and will not allow you to work as a Public Adjuster in ANY state.**

Getting You Started Smart

Insurance adjusters are responsible for evaluating and assessing damages to property and assessing the claims of policyholders. As such, adjusters need to have a thorough understanding of the insurance industry in order to do their job correctly. This course covers a summary of the basics of the insurance industry, and it can provide any new adjusters with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions regarding claims and damages.

Your Training Package

By taking a class covering a summary of the basics of the insurance industry, adjusters can learn about the different types of insurance policies, coverage limits and exclusions, and how to properly assess and document damages. This will ensure that they are able to accurately assess the damages that have occurred and that they are able to determine the most appropriate course of action. 

Additionally, in order to be successful, adjusters must have a good working knowledge of the laws and regulations that govern the insurance industry. By taking a class on the basics of the industry, adjusters can become familiar with these laws and regulations, as well as the different types of policies available.

Start Your Career With Confidence

Ultimately, taking a course covering a summary of the basics of the insurance industry like the one offered by 2021 Training is essential for insurance adjusters to be successful. It will provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions, accurately assess damages, and explain complex policies to clients.

Insurance adjusters must have a strong understanding of the industry’s terminology and processes in order to effectively assess claim damages and determine appropriate coverage amounts. They must also understand the different types of policies available, their coverage limits, and the differences between them. This knowledge will help them make the best decisions when dealing with clients who may be in need of assistance.

We’ll Set You Up For Success

As an insurance adjuster, you must be familiar with the laws and regulations that govern the industry, as well as the various types of claims that can be filed. Being able to explain complex policies to claimants is also an important part of the job. An adjuster who is knowledgeable about the insurance industry will be able to provide clear and concise explanations and ensure that all parties understand their rights and responsibilities. This will help to ensure that claims are handled correctly and efficiently. 

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Taking our class covering the basics of the insurance industry can help insurance adjusters stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry. Learn about new policies, regulations, and laws that may impact your work, as well as emerging trends that could affect your job in the future. Sign up with us today!