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Crawford Adjuster Conference in Dallas

Crawford CAT Team


2021Training recently attended the Crawford Adjuster Conference in Dallas. As with most conferences, the content value was unbeatable.

Crawford is an incredibly large company with business reaching around the world. Their CAT team reaches areas where most companies never even dream of reaching. We visited with many adjusters who had been deployed internationally on several occasions, such as Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Crawford Adjuster Conference

After the conference, Dave Kaltenbach sat down with Crawford’s CAT team managers and asked their advice for new adjusters.

If you\’re a new adjuster thinking the cards might be stacked against you when it comes to deployment, the Crawford team certainly doesn’t think so.  Even though they’re a large company, the CAT team is very accessible and helpful when you take the time to come to the Crawford Adjuster Conference.

What Crawford Looks for in New Adjusters

Crawford is looking for people who look professional and have the ability to work with others.

First, how you present yourself in this business is extremely important. They always notice those who attend their conference and ignore the dress code or don’t take time to present themselves well.  As an adjuster, you’re representing the face of corporate America and not just yourself.  The companies that the CAT companies serve think of this as a BIG deal. Therefore the CAT companies want to deploy adjusters who show up well.

The great news for the new adjuster is that this is totally in your control, and it’s EASY! (See the blogpost “Before Attending Your Next Adjuster Conference”)

The second thing they recommend is for adjusters to know other adjusters.  This is important to them because they want to know you have some type of support backup in the field.  So what do you do as a new adjuster who has no friends in the industry?  You go to their conferences and make friends. This business is still very much about who you know.  As you get started, you need to reach out to those in the industry.

So what else did they say? Be available. If you come to the Crawford Adjuster Conference and express your desire to get deployed, but can’t deploy immediately, you’ll leave a huge negative impression.  They need to deploy adjusters immediately when they get an emergency call.

After the call, they begin to go through their database and look for adjusters. If you made a good impression on them at their conference, they’ll call you. If you need a week or more to get somewhere, that doesn’t help them in any way. You need to be ready for work when it is presented.

Crawford Needs New Qualified Adjusters

Crawford is looking for quality new adjusters! They need people like you who are ready to step up and be the leaders for the next 15 years.  There are so many opportunities as an adjuster, but sometimes you have to go find them.  The best advice is to continually be teachable and professional.

Industry certifications like the PTC don’t really matter if you don’t heed the advice given above.  All learning is good learning, but first understand they’re looking for professionalism and availability.

Crawford acknowledged that 2013 was a relatively quiet year for CAT work. As we all know, though, that can change at a moment’s notice.  Our responsibility  is to be prepared.  Attending conferences and talking to the CAT teams will help.

How to be Prepared

1.  Get your adjuster license.

2.  Learn Xactimate.

3.  Learn how to adjust.

It’s really that simple! Here at 2021Training, we have packaged it all together in our Smart Start Program to give you everything you need for one low price so you can get out there and make a difference.


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