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The Crawford CAT Adjusters Conference in Dallas

I was invited to attend the Crawford CAT Adjusters Conference in Dallas this year. Being in April, it was a bit later than other conventions, but I believe that was a good thing.

The conference started on a Sunday, which offered interviews with the CAT staff. If you were new to their company, they wanted to spend time with you and get to know you. They were around for the afternoon when you could come and go. The actual conference began on Monday morning. Being a relative new adjuster, I found the general session very informative. They shared a lot about the company philosophy and what they do.

Crawford has been around for a long time and will continue to be a large fish in the CAT world. Many of the people I met had worked for Crawford for years which is always a good sign. I like to see stability of independent adjusters around CAT companies.  It tells me that they are treated well.

They offered many classes for the adjusters. There were several certification classes along with practical Xactimate classes.  One interesting point is that Crawford has their own version of Xactimate that they use and install if you work for them. They have the ability so switch from one version to the next depending upon the client they are representing.

They offered a TWIA certification course which is now online at

This certification is required for anyone who adjusts TWIA claims in the field. It’s nice to see that this certification is now available to all of us online.

Crawford also took time to share some other parts of their business where adjusters are used, such as environmental claims.  There is no “adjusting” per se, but adjusters are frequently used on these assignments to help them work with the public and assessing damage and liability.

The conference went though Thursday and on Friday the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) did a certification class at the same location.  I would highly recommend keeping an eye out for one of Crawford’s CAT Conventions in the future.  They are full of information and a great place to network with other adjusters and with the staff of Crawford.

John Bowers has a background in construction and decided to add claims adjusting to create a new income source. Follow John’s journey as he shares his experiences on training and deployment.

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