Adjuster Alert: Get Ready For The Hurricane

This free online guide covers the licensing process, training recommendations, and pro tips you need for a successful deployment.

What Do Insurance Adjusters Need To Get Ready


Complete Your Insurance Adjuster Training Online. These states have reciprocity agreements with the State of Texas.


Submit to Independent Adjuster (IA) Firms. After you have secured a insurance adjuster license you need to get on the rosters of various Independent Adjusting (IA) firms.


Increase Your Knowledge and Skills. Ask these IA firms if they can sponsor you for the Texas Emergency Adjuster license if they are offered. This license is only a 90-day license.


Step One

Complete Your Insurance Adjuster Training Online

These states do not license independent adjusters and this will allow you to get a Designated Home State All-Lines License with the State of Texas.

Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, Wisconsin

Residents of these states can take our Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing Course insurance adjuster training course only to satisfy the training requirements needed to apply for a Texas All-Lines Insurance Adjuster License.

Important: If you your state is not listed above, your state has its own adjuster license. Go secure your home state adjuster license first, then come back and proceed to step two.


    Online Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing Class FAQs

    Can I use this course if I don’t live in Texas?

    If you live in a state that provides it’s own license such as Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia, etc., you cannot use this course to get your Texas license. You would have to get your home state license first and then apply to get your Texas license through reciprocity. If you live in a state that does not have an insurance adjuster license such as Colorado and Virginia (See full list at bottom of page) you may use this course to get Texas as your “Primary License”. You would select Texas as your designated home state when applying for your license.

    What other costs will I have in getting my Texas Adjusters License?

    There is a $50 fee paid to the state with all applications.  You will also need to obtain your fingerprints to submit with your application.  Fingerprinting usually runs around $45.  This means your license will be less than $300 including state fees with our course!

    What happens if I fail the exam?

    If for some reason you get less than a 70% on the final exam, you will have the ability to retake the exam in the online classroom at any time.  By using the study guide, most have no issue in passing the final exam but you have the ability to take the final exam until you pass.  It is a 150-question exam.

    Can I see a sample of the course before I purchase?

    There is a sample of the actual class at the bottom of this page. Please watch and enjoy.

    What if I have questions about the content during the course?

    There is a “Support” tab within the classroom that allows you to submit your question and someone will get back to you in a timely fashion.  Of course, we are always availble by phone during normal business hours.

    Step Two

    Submit to Independent Adjuster (IA) Firms 

    After you have secured a insurance adjuster license you need to get on the rosters of various Independent Adjusting (IA) firms. 

    We recommend you start with these firms:

    • Pilot Catastrophe Services, Inc.
    • E. A. Renfroe
    • Crawford & Company
    • Worley
    • Eberl Claims Services

    Be sure to check our list of Independent Adjuster for more options.


      List of Independent Adjustment Firms

      Step Three

      Increase Your Knowledge and Skills

      Ask these IA firms if they can sponsor you for the Texas Emergency Adjuster license if they are offered. This license is only a 90-day license. By the time this emergency license expires, you should have your permanent Texas Adjuster license.

      • Take our online Xactimate X1 ($229) training course
      • Take our Practical Adjusting ($99) course.
      • Get packed and ready to be deployed.

      Important: During large events emergency/temporary licenses may be offered. We recommend you complete your online course and get your application in to the state BEFORE you deploy because those with emergency/temporary licenses are almost always sent home first. If you get your insurance adjuster license application to the state before you deploy, there is a really good chance that your actual license will be issued before your temporary one expires.

      Get The Smart Start Pack Training Bundle

      Our Smart Start Pack bundles the 3 course mentioned on this pages.  We created this package specifically for people getting started in the insurance adjusting industry. In addition to saving you time and money, the Smart Start Pack covers the most important issues every insurance adjuster needs to know to have successful career as an insurance adjuster.

      2021Training Recap: Steps to get your insurance adjuster license:

      Know The Reciprocity Rules For Your State

      Verify you live in a qualifying state to use Texas as your Resident State (you live here) or as your Designated Home State (your state doesn’t offer licensing to insurance adjusters).

      Check Out Our State Guides For More Details


      Complete Required Training Online

      Purchase and complete our insurance adjuster licensing course online.

      Pro Tip 

      We recommend the All-Lines course. The P&C (Property and Casualty) will work too because the qualifications are the same, but  most students will appreciate having the broader license.


      Get Your Fingerprints

      Get your fingerprints from IdentoGo to submit with your online application.

      Submit Your Application to the State

      Submit your application online with your fingerprint receipt to the state.  A payment of $50 will be due to Texas Department of Insurance at the time of application.