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Don’t Wait Until the Next Big Storm: Why Training Early is the Right Choice for New Independent Claims Adjusters

While it is an often-overlooked factor for most people, a good sense of timing is an important component for the early success of any aspiring independent claims adjuster. Many people who consider independent claims adjusting as a career tend to adopt a wait and see mentality even as the hurricane season approaches. At 2021 Training in Plano, TX, my team and I are proud to be a continuing source of knowledge, guidance, and support for individuals seeking success in the claims industry.

For many people, it can be a tough call to choose to invest money in a new career without an immediately visible opportunity for success. Waiting for the next big storm, earthquake, or another major natural disaster to jump into the field at a time of peak demand is a popular misperception by many people. At first glance, this seems like it would be a sensible approach, but it does not account for the actual time required to study, train, and prepare for the challenges of being in the field as an independent adjuster. Waiting for a major event before starting any kind of preparatory courses or licensing courses means that you’re going to be far behind the curve at the very least.

Getting Licensed Takes Time in Advance

Most adjusting firms at least want you to be licensed (preferably in your home state or Designated Home State) and will also prioritize adjusters that already have a license in the state that was affected. In light of this, it is always a great idea to pursue multiple status licenses once your home state license has been obtained. In many cases, this can be done simply with reciprocity through your home state’s license (or DHS as mentioned above). Of course, this means that as a first step, you will need your home state license. In addition to studying, planning and passing your home state’s exam, you must wait for your license application to be processed. This can take up to 6 weeks in a state like Texas. At the end of the day, the basic process to be ready for deployment can take two months or longer at a minimum. If you have to wait two months for a license after a big storm, you will likely be out of luck when searching for a deployment opportunity.

Being Properly Prepared can Make All the Difference During Deployment.

Stepping into an environment that has just gone through major physical destruction while interacting with people that have likely been severely drained emotionally is never an easy proposition. As an independent claims adjuster, being successful means being at the core of this kind of devastation while also having the knowledge and awareness needed to interpret complex policies and make an accurate analysis of a situation. Most importantly, a skilled independent adjuster needs to be able to remain calm, and act with confidence while addressing the concerns of policyholders who may be suffering from a variety of emotional distress factors.

Getting Trained Early Means More Time to Add Your Name to Deployment Rosters

By obtaining the right licenses, undergoing training, and engaging in preparation best practices, you can have additional time to get a clear understanding of the work environment as a whole and devote the time needed to make your presence known to prospective employers. If you are in a hurry, you might act rapidly on the first deployment opportunity given to you without considering the details or the company behind the offer. The unfortunate reality is that unethical employers will always try to take advantage of unsuspecting adjusters whenever an opportunity presents itself. For the most part, this happens to people who simply haven’t taken the time to get a clear understanding of the company they plan on deploying with. If you start researching the industry long before the summer wave, you can take the time to connect with other beginners and veteran adjusters who are already in the industry to develop a strong support structure that can bring your name to the attention of multiple companies with respected reputations.

Ask 2021 Training in Plano, Texas for More

If you’re interested in starting a new career as an independent claims adjuster, then now is the best time to get started. With years of experience working with people to give them the knowledge and resources they need to succeed, we’re always ready to answer any questions you might have. Don’t hesitate to contact us right away or sign up for our online courses to get started.


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