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For CE courses — 2 months from registration; For New Adjuster courses — 4 months from registration

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All-Lines and P&C Adjuster licenses — you represent the carrier. Public Adjuster license — you represent the insured themselves.

All-Lines allows you to work claims for all lines of insurance (property, casualty, auto, liability, farm & ranch, crop, aviation, workers’ comp, etc… The P&C license does everything the All-Lines license does except for workers’ comp.

Your fingerprint receipt from IdentoGO is valid for one year, so you can get your fingerprints done at anytime during the course just making sure that you submit your application to the state with the fingerprints within 1 year of having them taken

No. If you haven’t had your fingerprints taken for the Texas Dept. of Insurance, then you will have to have them redone.

If your agent license is active and in good standing, you do not have to have them redone to apply for the adjuster license.

You will first need to secure your homestate license and then go to either or to obtain other state licenses through reciprocity

You can either get a Texas or Florida DHS (designated home state) license. Taking our course will allow you to do that

Pilot Catostrophes, Eberl Claim Services, EA Renfroe, Alacrity Solutions, Allcat Claims, Mid-America, Crawford & Company

Field Adjuster, Desk Adjuster, File Reviewer, Flood Adjuster

Get an entry-level job at a carrier or apply on the rosters of the big 4 firms — Pilot, Eberl, Renfroe and Alacrity Solutions

Yes…but no CEs if your home state already requires them.

CA only recognizes it is valid if done between Jan1 and Sept 1

CAT Women and Female Adjuster Nation

Most adjusting work is full-time plus overtime, so there’s really not any part-time or weekend work unless you have years of experience and the IA firms like your work and want to keep you on.


State Farm, Allstate, USAA, TWIA, Florida Citizens

You can only get carrier certifications from the Independing Adjusting (IA) firms that handle their claims

Go to and go to the adjuster’s tab. You will see a listing of IA firms that handle TWIA claims. You will need to contact a TWIA carrier for secure your TWIA certification

1 year and must be completed by September 1 for it to be valid


Every two years on the last day of your birth month

Texas Department of Insurance CE requirements are 24 hours every 2 years with 3 of those 24 being in Ethics and the other 21 being in General. At least half of your CE hours have to be either Classroom or Classroom Equivalent hours

Classroom course is a live or webinar class, Classroom Equivalent course is an online course where you have quizzes roughly every 15 minutes and no final exam. Self Study courses have no quizzes but do have a final exam.

$50/hour up to $500/reporting period

Only Ethics, but can tell them to try WebCE


Some IA firms will host this type of training at their training facility.

Texas as Home State

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New York, and Utah.


No, the Xactimate software is used on a subscription basis.

Although it does look good on your resume, most firms will only require that you know how to adjust a claim in Xactimate over having any Xactimate level certifications

Once you complete your coursework, we administer the Texas Department of Insurance approved licensing exam. Once you pass, you will receive a certificate of completion. Then, you’ll have all of the education and documentation you need to apply for your license. 

Our courses are completely online but integrate the experience and benefits of a live expert-led class. Our courses can be accessed from any computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet with an internet connection. 

The Texas All-Lines course is 40 hours long in accordance with state guidelines. This particular course consists of 32 hours of online content and instruction and just 8 hours of self-guided studying and homework. 

Absolutely! Texas requires 24 hours of continuing education every two years to maintain your adjuster’s license. We can help you fulfill this requirement with one of our CE courses. Then, we can update the state about your completion of the course within two business days. 

The Texas All-Lines license is a great investment because many states have a reciprocity agreement with Texas. With this license, you can get a license to operate in more than 30 states without taking their state exam or a pre-licensing course. 

Once you complete our course and exam you will need to submit fingerprints, and send the IdentoGo receipt to the Texas Department of Public Safety.  Then, you’ll be ready to apply for your insurance adjuster’s license online. 

This license allows you to investigate just about any claim that comes your way. You will have the credentials to investigate residential, commercial, auto, crop, worker’s compensation, or catastrophe claims.

The Texas insurance exam is not considered difficult when compared to others. People who don’t test well, do so because they were underprepared. Our courses are comprehensive and led by experts so you’ll be well versed and prepared for the exam. You must obtain a 70% on the readiness exam to qualify for your insurance adjuster’s license.  

Our students typically do very well on the exam and pursue lengthy careers in the insurance adjusting careers. Over 95% of our students pass the insurance exam their first time. 

You may qualify for licensing in Texas. However, if your home state offers independent adjuster insurance licensing you’ll need to get that before obtaining a non-resident license. If your home state doesn’t have an independent adjuster insurance licensing program then you can pursue your license in Texas.

NO.  Public adjusters have a separate licensing process and different requirements for Texas and all other states.  There is no license that you can get from 2021 Training that will allow you to work as a public adjuster in ANY state.  You must check with the individual states for their requirements to work as a public adjuster in their state.