Where to get State Farm Property Adjuster Certification

As new adjusters we work hard to get our foot in the door and gain that valuable experience.  Making yourself valuable to the Catastrophe Companies is important.  One of the ways you set yourself up for success is by being prepared.  We’ve talked time and time again about making sure that you are familiar with the basics of insurance and the use of Xactimate.  When you first start out, you will hear many talk about various carrier certifications.  All have their own method of certifying people.

State Farm Insurance Company

State Farm Property Adjuster Certification is one of the most worthwhile certifications you can hold because of the large number of claims they have due to their size.  It is a one-time certification and will not need to be repeated once you’ve obtained it.  There are 5 catastrophe companies that offer State Farm Property Adjuster Certifications.  They are Crawford, Eberls, E.A. Renfroe, PilotWorley, and CNC Catastrophe & National Claims.

Step 1: Get on their Rosters.  You need to first sign up on their rosters through their website.  This is usually pretty straight forward but may take a little time based on the great amount of information they need.

Step 2: Call and ask when and where they are holding the next certifications.  Some charge a small fee and others don’t, but the fee is usually nominal if charged.   These certifications are usually conducted quarterly as a general rule. I would recommend asking where they generally hold their training to choose the one closest to you.  It doesn’t make sense to live in Dallas and drive to Louisiana for your certification when they offer it in both places.

Step 3: Take the Certification.  The certification is broken down into two days with testing at the end.  The test is broken into two sections.  One on Estimatics (Xactimate-type material) and one on State Farm Policy.  The material is not difficult if you pay attention to the instruction provided in the class.  You do not need to worry about studying ahead of time as they will give you all the material you need to pass the certification test when you get there.

Step 4:  Notify all of the above companies of your current certification.  Once you have completed your State Farm Property Adjuster Certification and have your certificate, make sure you let each of them know that you are now certified.  All four of them receive claims from State Farm and all are interested in knowing that you are now certified.  State Farm Insurance is a large company that provides a lot of claims to each of them.  By having the certification, it will make you available to work for them.