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Good Practices for Assisting a Client with Their Damage Claim

Calamity hits us when we least expect it and at any time. You will be a lifeline to helping those in your community get back on their feet—no matter the devastation. When guiding your customers through their damage claims, a few little changes focusing on the client, can go a long way. As you find new ways to help your customers, like proactive assistance, common question answers, and assistance explaining the process; you will help walk your customers through a stressful time. 

After a devastating event, you will often be the first call a client will make to get the claim process started. You will need patience and understanding. One of the keys to keeping the industry profitable is investing in customer experience. Staying on top of new technology and listening to customer insights can help insure you can better reach and serve your customers.

Being Proactive

Providing proactive help will help you quickly gain the trust of your clients. You need to establish yourself as a “content expert,” and provide valuable information ahead of an issue. They need to know they can count on you, even when you don’t know the answers immediately. Here are a few examples of ways to help your customers feel valued: 

  • Send monthly or quarterly emails sharing what to do in the event of a disaster or other property damage situation. You do not want to over-communicate with customers. Over communication can cause them to avoid your messaging and possibly opt out. Bi-weekly to monthly is great for regular communications. 
  • Check in occasionally to say hi to your customers and ensure they still have adequate coverage. 
  • Send birthday cards with a friendly, informational message. 
  • Share information on how to avoid some common mistakes that lead to issues. 
  • Provide information on your website that is easy to find and that they need in the event of an emergency or to find basic information. 

Answer Common Customer Questions

As an agent you need to be prepared to answer any questions your customers have. Here is a list of frequently asked questions by customers. These are specific, but common questions you should be able to answer. 

  • “How much is my property worth?” 
  • “What is my policy coverage?”
  • “If I rent out a space, or have guests, will their belongings be covered in the event of a fire or disaster?”
  • “Do I need more coverage?”
  • “Am I legally required to have homeowner’s insurance?”
  • “What are the limits of my policy?”
  • “If someone is hurt on my property, does my policy cover them?”
  • “What is an umbrella policy?”
  • “If I am self-employed, does my insurance policy cover my businesses equipment and supplies?”

Customers First

When putting customers first with property insurance, patience and understanding is key, especially on large loss claims. Make sure your customers understand the claim process, let them know you will guide them step by step. Putting them first will help you to be prepared to answer questions from your common requests list. Be an agent that shows empathy.

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