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How to Get Your Florida Public Adjuster License

The Florida Public Adjuster License takes a little time to obtain, but we can walk you through the steps. At 2021 Training, we empower aspiring insurance adjusters with the knowledge, skills, and credentials needed to excel in the industry. 2021 Training can start you on your path of obtaining the Florida 3-20 Public Adjuster License. Steps to becoming a Florida Licensed Public Adjuster are simple with 2021 Training.

Entering the field of public adjusting in Florida starts with acquiring the right credentials. At 2021 Training, we offer the first steps to obtain your Florida 3-20 Public Adjuster License, starting with the essential 6-20 license. Our Florida Adjuster 6-20 / 70-20 Licensing Course course fulfills all requirements set by the Florida Department of Financial Services, ensuring you bypass the state exam and move directly towards your career goals.

Step One – Getting your  6-20 License

The 6-20 license is the foundation for anyone aspiring to become a public adjuster in Florida. This initial step not only qualifies you to work as an independent or staff adjuster but also sets the stage for your future specialization as a public adjuster. You cannot get your Florida Public Adjuster License without first obtaining your Florida Insurance Adjuster License.  Our course is designed to get you the 6-20 license in the most efficient way. 

Step Two – Next Is The Public Adjuster Apprenticeship

After obtaining the 6-20 license, you must be appointed as a Public Adjuster Apprentice for 6 months. Within the six-month apprenticeship, you will gain invaluable on-the-job experience. This period is crucial for applying theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios, under the mentorship of experienced public adjusters or within a public adjusting firm. A $50,000 surety bond is required during this apprenticeship, ensuring you’re fully prepared and backed for professional practice.

Step 3 – Test for the 3-20 Florida Public Adjuster License

Once you complete the apprenticeship, you will have the opportunity to take the 3-20 Public Adjuster exam with PearsonVue. Success here leads to the final application for the 3-20 Florida Public Adjuster License. With a $50,000 surety bond for the licensing period, you solidify your commitment and readiness to serve the public in their times of need.

Continual Growth With 2021 Training

Even after licensing, the journey doesn’t end. Public adjusters in Florida must complete 24 hours of continuing education every two years. 2021 Training can help you learn Xactimate and help you get efficient scoping techniques that will help you as you grow in adjusting. Florida is unique in that it requires you to obtain a Florida Adjuster License and hold it for 6 months before you can test and get you Florida Public Adjuster License. While this creates a bit more of a process for you to obtain, it really does make you a better public adjuster. When you are representing the insured, it is important that you bring value to the process. This is only able to be done if you take the time to educate yourself properly. The state can give you requirements but the responsibility is on you to be able to handle claims correctly.


What makes the Florida Insurance Adjuster License course (6-20 License) at 2021 Training unique? 

Our course not only meets the Florida Department of Financial Services requirements but also provides a streamlined path to obtaining your 6-20 license, bypassing the state exam, and equipping you with the skills of an adjuster.  Our course is online and the most efficient way to obtain your Florida Insurance Adjuster License.

How does the apprenticeship enhance my journey to becoming a Florida public adjuster?

The apprenticeship allows you to apply your learning in practical settings, under the guidance of experienced professionals, ensuring you gain the hands-on experience required to excel as a public adjuster.  In Florida, this is required by the state before you can become a Florida Public Adjuster.

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