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Holiday Time for Adjusters- Relax and Plan Ahead

Christmas Is Holiday Time for Adjusters
Toward the end of October things usually begin to wind down for adjusters. We’ve had several large storms in the past that have changed that from year to year (like Super Storm Sandy), but as a general rule, the summer storms are dying down and things get quiet.

Winter is a time for CAT adjusters to refuel and ground themselves after a busy year. Most adjusters live in the south so this time isn’t spent buried in snow, but it should be a time to spend with family and friends. Many people spend all their time trying to figure out where to find work and miss out on how to enjoy what this job really has to offer.

Be Flexible, Have Fun
It’s ok to enjoy the holidays guilt-free. As an independent adjuster, you will always be traveling a lot. The best part of working as an independent adjuster is the ability to create your own schedule, but as most of you are well aware, you still have to be available to travel and work when the catastrophe happens. Traditionally, as an independent adjuster you spend November and December enjoying family and recuperating from a good year.

Plan Ahead
When January and February roll around, we start getting antsy and ready to be doing something again. Many CAT companies schedule their annual conferences within this time frame. Whether you’ve been an adjuster for one year or twenty years GO to the annual conferences.

If you’re a new adjuster, you need to make connections with other adjuster and those who work within the CAT companies. This business is all about selling yourself and your services. Act like the professional you are when these conferences are available. This isn’t a casual kick back have a drink kind of time. These conferences are all about business. The CAT companies want to see that you can conduct yourself as a professional and you need to use these opportunities to get to know their staff. I’ll be posting more about conferences as conference time nears.

So, November and December are here for your mental well being.  Relax and play.  It’s just as important as taking one more certification class if not more so.  People are always curious what it takes to become an adjuster, and the answer isn’t simple.  However, one key that skilled adjusters have is knowing how to take care of themselves.  You need to be a well rounded person who enjoys life. Mental attitude does affect your pocket book!

Enjoy the holidays!

Bob Kramer has been an adjuster for several years, and shares from real property adjusting field experience. He writes for active and aspiring claims adjusters, sharing How-To information and stories from the field. His goal is to help adjusters become more effective and profitable.


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