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How Do Insurance Adjusters Determine Damage?

If a home, business, or vehicle undergoes an accident and suffers from damage, insurance adjusters will be one of the first people that get to the scene. One of the first things property owners should do is file an insurance claim after an accident. As soon as they do, an insurance company will send over an insurance adjuster. This adjuster evaluates the damages that took place and determines how much the insurance company should cover. How do you make this judgment? 2021 Training will go over the steps that insurance adjusters take to determine damage.

Interview the Claimants and Witnesses

As part of the claims process, the insurance adjuster will interview the claimant and any witnesses if there were any. They will try to piece together the story to determine who was at fault and to determine which damages occurred because of the accident and which ones already existed.

Inspect Property

Insurance adjusters have a good understanding of the properties they will be analyzing. For example, car insurance adjusters understand the main components of a vehicle and how the parts fit together. They use this knowledge to aid them during the damage evaluation process. They use adjusting tools, such as measuring devices, tool belts, damage estimating software, and so on. Their knowledge and these tools help insurance adjusters make comprehensive evaluations.

Gather Documents

The fun doesn’t end here. Apart from evaluating the property and interviewing the claimants and witnesses, insurance adjusters must have documentation to back up their damage evaluation. Some of the documents include accident reports, police notes, and photos and videos of the accident and damages. Insurance adjusters submit these documents to the insurance company, along with the claim.

Provide a Settlement

After you have finished evaluating the damages, you will come up with a settlement amount that insurance companies should cover. This is provided to the insurance company and the claimant and you work out an agreement. Insurance adjusters work as the middlemen between insurance companies and claimants, so your communication skills must be refined. Once an agreement has been settled, you can pat yourself on the shoulder.

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Continuing Education Courses

Every two years, insurance adjusters need to renew their license. They need to stay on top of laws, regulations, and newer practices. Luckily for you, 2021 Training offers continuing education courses as well. We will fully prepare you for the world of adjusting and provide you with tips and resources for making informed damage evaluations. 

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