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How Insurance Adjusters Can Effectively Deal with Angry Claimants 

Insurance adjusting is a tough career. There are many steps that need to be taken in order to come to a decision on how much the insurance company should cover for damages. You work as the middleman between the insurance company and the claimants. You take an unbiased stance and try to come to a favorable outcome for both parties. But even after all the steps are carefully taken, you might need to deal with angry claimants who aren’t happy with your evaluations. Don’t let their anger upset you or make you take a side in the process. Remain unbiased throughout the entire claims process and keep your cool. Here are some effective strategies for dealing with angry claimants effectively.

Stay Calm

Breathe. The claimants’ anger isn’t directed at you. They are upset with the situation, so don’t take it personally. You want to maintain a professional demeanor and poise. If you become emotional yourself, it will only make matters worse. 

Sure, you might get upset if the claimants criticize your work and question your expertise. But you have to remember that they are experiencing a difficult time. Don’t get defensive about your work, and remain calm. Only a clear head will help you navigate through this intense situation.

Listen to the Claimant

When someone is yelling at you or is very angry, your natural instinct might be to tune out. After all, who likes getting yelled at? However, active listening is essential. The claimants need to know that they are heard, so don’t interrupt them and let them express their worries or whatever they are upset about. Look the claimant in the eye and nod your head occasionally to show them you are following along. If you don’t understand something, ask questions. 

Don’t look at your watch, purse your lips, look away, or cross your arms. These are all signs of impatience and that will only make the claimant angrier. After they are done speaking, summarize what they said to show them that you heard and understood their complaints.

Apologize but Don’t Take Sides

You should feel and care for the claimant’s side of the story; it’s important to step into their shoes. However, don’t let your empathy influence your damage evaluations. Apologize to the claimant, regardless if it’s called for or not. Let them know that you understand their frustration and that you will recheck your work. However, if their argument has no leg to stand on, then hold your ground but do it with compassion.

Go Over Your Work Again

Don\’t automatically assume that you are right and that the angry claimants are wrong. Recheck your evaluations and gather all the necessary facts to back up your assessment. When you have the information to back you up, then you can take an authoritative stance regarding the matter.

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