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How to Handle a Deposition as an Insurance Adjuster

Most insurance adjusters would love for none of their cases to go to court. Court isn’t just expensive, but it’s exhausting for everyone involved. If your case escalates to litigation, you might be required to participate in a deposition, which is a pre-trial questioning of witnesses under oath. Here’s our best advice for getting through any deposition if you’re called for questioning.

Study Your Files

This one might seem obvious, but having basic knowledge of your case can get you far in the deposition. Take the time to study your files and memorize every important detail you can. Once you’ve memorized this information, you’ll be less likely to draw blanks when you’re in the hot seat. Being unable to answer even one question could make you seem like an unreliable witness, so spend a lot of your preparation time on this step.

Prepare for the Tough Questions

Work with your attorney to think of tough questions you might get during the deposition, and prepare to answer them well. Try to think of every question you can, and practice your answers so you don’t come off as nervous or unsure during the deposition. The key is to answer questions honestly, but in a way that won’t sabotage your case. Your attorney will be able to help you think of questions and practice your answers, so don’t be afraid to rely on them.

Be Prepared to Back Up Your Credentials

In questioning, one of the goals is to make the opposing party’s witnesses seem less credible than yours. For this reason, you can expect to be questioned on your credentials and you should be prepared to defend yourself if this happens. Not only will you have to list your credentials, but you’ll be judged on your behavior. If you know you aren’t a confident speaker, or if you’re bad under pressure, you need to practice hiding it so the opposing side can’t criticize you for it. Practice your public speaking skills and try learning breathing techniques to calm your nerves. If you appear professional, you won’t be questioned as much about your credibility.

Speak With Your Attorney Beforehand

No matter how much you prepare, your attorney still knows much more about depositions than you. There’s quite a few rules you’re expected to know during any kind of questioning, mostly pertaining to objections. In order to represent your party well during the deposition, you have to speak with your attorney beforehand. Ask any questions you still have and listen carefully to the advice you’re given. 

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