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How to Maintain a Work-Life Balance as an Insurance Adjuster

Insurance adjusters are the ones who are always on the front lines. Even though that can have a hefty payout, it often means long hours, no personal life, and high levels of stress. That’s why many people in the insurance industry (and especially insurance adjusters) often struggle with maintaining a work-life balance.

The key to having a great work-life balance is setting hard limits. That means:

  • Setting strict work hours
  • Setting some time aside for your social life
  • Carving out a specific amount of time you’ll spend on yourself every day

Maintaining this balance is vital to your physical and mental wellbeing. So, here are a few tips that will help you out.

Automate Tasks (If Possible)

The time spent on menial tasks every day is staggering. We waste so much time on administrative tasks that we end up with little or no time left in the day for ourselves. 

Insurance adjusters have a heavy caseload. What’s more, their job often requires all of their mental and emotional bandwidth. The administrative tasks eat away some of the energy you could spend on yourself or other, more critical tasks. That’s why it’s vital that you make good use of automation tools.

There are risk management tools out there that can automate and streamline your tasks that have to do with administering and managing claims. For example, going digital will save you some time as you won’t have to shuffle papers around, and using tools for automated reports will make everything easier. 

These tools will help you manage your time better and help you create a better, long-term work-life balance.

Set Hard Limits

Many insurance adjusters work until they finish the job. That means they work long into the night, especially if they are working from home. 

That can lead to burnout, a serious condition that can hinder your ability to work long term. 

Instead, set a limit for yourself each day. That way, you’ll wire your brain into better time management. If you know you have a deadline each day, you’ll be more likely to meet it. What’s more, if you also schedule some time for yourself, you’ll be more motivated to complete everything according to your schedule.

Prioritize and Delegate

Not all tasks are equally important, nor do all of them have to be finished on the same day. So, learn how to prioritize. If you make an insane schedule with a million different tasks for one day, you’ll end up overwhelmed. Additionally, you’ll also end up with a half-finished to-do list every day. Figure out what is urgent and important and what isn’t.

Also, don’t forget to prioritize yourself. Spend time on yourself every day. Use your lunch hour to not think about work or schedule an evening activity that will make you happy or relaxed. Either way, don’t let the work occupy the entirety of your day. It\’s called work-life balance for a reason.

2021 Training

Although the work of an insurance adjuster can be a little hectic, with superior organization, you can maintain a healthy work-life balance. Considering the excellent job prospects for insurance adjusters, it’s worth putting a little effort into your organizational skills. 

Did that pique your interest? Sign up for our insurance adjusting courses, get your license, and start your new career as an insurance adjuster.


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