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How to Succeed as an Independent Catastrophe Adjuster

As an independent catastrophe adjuster, you get to travel a lot and be a first responder in disasters. This job comes with many perks. It pays well, there’s adrenaline rushes, you help people during emergencies, you control your schedule, and you get to travel. There is a lot of freedom when you work independently, and you have to know how to manage your time and resources in order to succeed. We have listed some ways to excel in your career as an independent catastrophe adjuster.

Have Startup Cash

When you are just starting off as an independent catastrophe adjuster, we suggest having  $2,000 to $5,000 saved up for the job. This money will help cover traveling expenses and any emergencies that may arise. Since you are working in areas that have been devastated by a catastrophe, you never know what might come up during the job. 

It takes longer to get paid for property claims than auto ones, so play it safe by having extra cash to pay for expenses while you wait for your first paycheck. You will also need special equipment that may not be provided if you work independently.

Invest in Catastrophe Adjuster Tools

Here is some equipment that you will need in order to perform your job:

Cell Phones and Unlimited Data

You need a phone with great coverage and an unlimited plan. When working in areas that have encountered a disaster, you might struggle with service. Try to invest in the best plan that your phone company offers, so you can have coverage wherever you go. A phone is essential for your job. You can send emails, answer calls, take pictures, navigate to inspections, schedule appointments, and find jobs with it. And, we recommend getting a cheap backup phone as well. You never know what can happen during a catastrophic event.


You need a proper laptop to perform your job. It’s where you will deal with paperwork and sort out claims. It can keep track of all of your assignments and tasks. You can also download damage estimating softwares on your laptop.

Measurement Tools

It’s also important to have tools that can measure damages, such as a 40 inch measuring tape, and a laser distance measurer. Get an adjuster tool belt as well.

Actively Search for Jobs

An independent catastrophe adjuster needs to always be looking for new claims. Having the freedom to choose when and where to work is a great benefit, but you have to use it wisely. No one is going to be insisting you to work certain days or take certain claims. You will have to make those decisions yourself, as well as seek those job opportunities. When you aren’t assessing claims or filing paperwork, contact adjusting firms and ask them about any available claims or do some other research too.

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