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How to Transfer Your Insurance Adjusting License to Another State

So, you have taken and passed the insurance licensing exam in Texas, but you are thinking about using the adjusting license in another state. How do you go about that? The process of transferring a license from one state to another varies depending on which state you are transferring from and to. It can be a long process sometimes, but it’s not impossible to do. Here is what you need to know about transferring your license to another state.


For the most part, you can transfer your insurance adjusting license to another state due to reciprocity. If you get your license in Texas, a great benefit comes along with it. The Texas All-Lines adjuster license is reciprocal in 30 states. You can practice your license in another state after filling out some paperwork and tidying up other documents.

The process is similar from state to state, but some of the processes might be a little different. We recommend you contact the state’s insurance department for specific details.

What Do You Need to Submit?

Typically, a licensed professional will need to submit a copy of their current license, a copy of their training transcript or certificate, and proof of liability insurance to a state board or agency. The transfer process will typically take from 30 days to 120 days depending on the licensing state requirements. It’s usually not necessary to retake all the coursework and exams for a new license. However, some states require you to have and use your license for some predetermined amount of time, before applying to transfer it to a different state. State boards and agencies may have other application forms and procedures in place, such as:

Certificate of Good Standing

You may need a certificate of good standing from your current state’s insurance department. It shows that you are legally authorized to practice your job, and that you comply with all the state’s roles and regulations. It’s almost like getting a recommendation letter for a college you are applying to. Not all states require this document when transferring, but try to submit it anyway. It will smoothen out the application process.

Clearance Letter

A clearance letter is sent to the current state you are working in. This letter cancels your license there. So, make sure you have done all the research and have all the proper documents to transfer to a new state before sending this out. 

2021 Training Can Get You Started

You have the most flexibility when you get your insurance adjusting license in Texas. You can transfer it to a variety of states, which gives you the ability to travel when you desire. 2021 Training offers comprehensive online training courses to prepare you for the Texas All-Lines adjuster license exam. We provide all the resources you need to ace the exam on the first try. You can take our courses at your own pace, wherever you like. We even offer continuing education courses for when you need to renew your license. If you would like to get started or have any further questions about transferring your license to another state, don’t hesitate to call. We are always here to help!


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