Hurricane Preparedness Week

May 25 through May 31st of 2014 is Hurricane Preparedness Week.

Hurricane Preparedness Week

The National Hurricane Center keeps up to date information of all hurricane activity as it happens. Follow them either on their website and on their Facebook page. What do adjusters need to do for Hurricane Preparedness Week? Preparedness is an issue because nobody knows when the next big one will hit. Hurricane Amanda was the first named storm of the season, and it’s already come and gone without making landfall (as expected) in the Pacific Ocean. More storms will come in 2014. Here are some tips for being prepared to work the storms.

If you don’t already have an adjuster’s license

Now is the time to get licensed! For an adjuster, that’s part of preparedness! Ideally, don’t wait until we’re in the middle of hurricane season. Licensing requires a 40 hr class and waiting for the state to send your license..  While the class isn’t hard, it does take time.  2021Training offers online classes that fit YOUR time schedule. You can get licensed in off hours while you’re still working elsewhere. You’ll spend about a week taking the online class, and it will take around 6 weeks for the Texas Department of Insurance to process your application and issue your adjuster license. If working the storms and generating the revenue it brings is something that appeals to you, act now. Once a storm hits, you won’t have time to get through the state licensing process. Hurricane Preparedness Week is a good time to start your process.

If you already have your adjusters license

Make sure all your ducks are in a row. Have you met your Continuing Education requirements for renewal of your license in your home state? The last thing you need is for a big storm to hit and you are worried about when you will fit in getting your CE’s. Get them done now so you can simply renew your adjusters license online when it is due.

Next, check your licenses in other states

Make sure you have your licenses for all the gulf coastal states from Florida to Texas, and the east coast states if you wish to work there.   You can get them through reciprocity. This means other states will honor your home state license so you can become licensed in their states without additional testing. If you already have your license for a state needing claims adjusters, you are likely to be called well before those who need an emergency adjusters license. Don’t depend on getting an emergency license for storms.  Be prepared.

Finally, get you gear in order.

If you haven’t used it for a bit, take it all out and go through it now.  Make sure you have all your ladders, tape measures, and tools.  Check your printer and laptop.  Pack your equipment so you are capable of leaving within a day. If you can’t honestly say that you are ready to leave tomorrow, then you’re not prepared.  Don’t put off all those things you wish you’d done before the last storm, such as getting spare pads for your cougar paw shoes. Go online and order them today while you have the luxury of time. All of this just takes some forethought and attention. Be prepared and get ready for an exciting year. Check out Hurricane videos here.