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Important Advice for Your Claims Adjuster Tools

One of the most common questions that students ask while preparing for their career as an independent claims adjuster is what will it take to achieve the most success and profit. The formula for a successful career as a claims adjuster is very simple: more closed claims means more money earned. It all depends on your ability to work quickly, efficiently and accurately to resolve the maximum number of claims. The time you spend finding the answer to a question or returning to Xactimate and fixing missing entries or adding forgotten images is time spent not closing a claim and not making money. This is where your personal tools come in. At 2021 Training in Plano, TX my team and I have spent years helping a growing number of individuals prepare themselves for success as independent claims adjusters, and we recognize just how important it can be to pay close attention to your tools.

Compared to other careers related to property, you don\’t really need a wide variety of tools to achieve sustainable success. However, the tools you need, including your technology and clothing, must be of good quality, readily accessible, and well-maintained. I have found that following several important rules will save a lot of time and unnecessary stress. They may sound simple or seem obvious, but I see correctors constantly struggling on the ground because they have not made a little extra effort to treat their equipment as an integral part of the success of their work.

Avoid Single Points of Failure

If losing one specific tool will make it impossible for you to perform your work, review, or complete the claim, make sure you have a backup available at all times. If you use a digital camera, you need a backup SD card. However, you also need a backup device to take photos just in case. For example, a smartphone can be a great option if your camera suddenly stops working in the middle of an inspection. You will also need a vehicle charger, battery pack, or another mobile way to charge your camera or phone. You never want to ask the policyholder if you can charge your devices during the inspection. Don’t be afraid to carry 2 measuring tapes, 2 laser measurers, and 2 shingle gauges. In simple terms, always make sure you have a backup option available so you can complete your work on time.

Invest in Quality

Your adjusting tools are a central part of your potential future success in the industry. So, don’t be afraid to invest in high-quality tools and take good care of them at all times. Above all, only use your claims adjusting tools for tasks related to claims adjusting. When you start using your tools for other things, such as an in-house personal project, you increase the chances of forgetting to return the item to where it belongs.

One of the worst situations to run into is suddenly realizing you don’t have something basic, but important such as a measuring tape because the tape is still on your kitchen table. This also applies to family and friends. Don\’t let other people borrow your tools, because there is always a chance your equipment may not be returned in good condition, or on time.

Ask 2021 Training in Plano, Texas for Additional Advice

If you’re interested in starting a new career as an independent claims adjuster, then chances are good that you’re already feeling a little confused by all the information about the industry and this exciting career online. Instead of trying to make sense of everything on your own, don’t hesitate to contact our team right away to learn more about the training courses we offer, and the knowledge and resources we have available to help you succeed.


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