Insurance Adjusters Must Have Great Detective Skills

When you were little, did you ever consider being a spy? Or what about a detective? Pink Panther did have the hearts of many as we were growing up. You don’t need to be a spy in Russia or a detective for the FBI to enjoy the thrill of investigating. In fact, independent insurance adjusters need to have great detective skills in order to execute their job effectively. Lucky for you, you can start that career path by taking the first step with 2021 Training. We offer comprehensive online courses to prepare you for the Texas insurance licensing exam. Here’s how this career path can fulfill your detective dreams.

What Is an Independent Insurance Adjuster?

An independent insurance adjuster deals with claims made to insurance companies. They decide if the claimants’ policy covers the loss he or she is claiming. They also decide how much the insurance company should pay. Adjusters work with car accidents, natural disasters, or other events that cause damage to a person’s property. 

In order to make an appropriate and fair decision about the damages, there are multiple components that need to be executed.

What Is the Role of an Insurance Adjuster?

When you are assigned a case, you will most likely have to get to the site of the accident or disaster. You will interview the claimant and the witnesses. You will also have to look through the police reports and hospital records. Insurance adjusters assess and evaluate the damages and write a report. Finally, you negotiate with the claimant to settle the claim.

Detective Skills Come to Play

When you are evaluating damages, you have to pay close attention to detail. Sometimes, damages were already present before the incident and you have to be able to distinguish between them. Claimants may try to get the insurance to cover damages that weren’t caused by the accident or disaster. 

You need an impartial perspective when speaking to the claimants and witnesses for their side of the story. You are slowly putting the pieces together as you gather information from everyone. And you will also need excellent people skills to get them to talk and trust you.

Being objective and very observant are detective skills that you will utilize in every claim. Whether it’s a bad storm or an old roof that needs a repair, you will have to evaluate the situation effectively. Insurance adjusters also have to sift through paperwork to gather all the pieces.

Begin Your Dream Career with 2021 Training

Independent insurance adjusters help settle claims with the insurance company and the claimants. They help the two sides come to a middle ground. Therefore, your job is a very important one. With your keen detective skills, you will be able to come to an unbiased decision. 

Get in touch with 2021 Training today, and we will give you all the resources you need to ace the Texas insurance licensing exam on the first try. You can take our classes at your own pace, anywhere you are. Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions. We are thrilled to help your dreams come true.