Insurance Adjusters

What Does an Insurance Adjuster Do?

Insurance adjusters work for insurance carriers to evaluate insurance claims. That is, they go wherever damage has occurred, inspect the damage, and decide how much money the insurance company should pay to cover the damage. Depending on the type of insurance carrier they work for, adjusters might inspect homes, vehicles, or businesses.

Insurance adjusters are also known as claims adjusters. They determine whether or not the claim is valid and covered by the claimant’s policy. Some adjusters work for insureds seeking to get the largest payout possible for their claims. These adjusters are called public adjusters, and their job is very different from that of other insurance adjusters whose goal is to compensate the insured fairly for damage found.

It is important for insurance adjusters to be very familiar with their company’s policies and what they cover. For example, some adjusters work in disaster areas, so they should be familiar with the coverage for storm damage, flooding, and fires. Other adjusters work on medical claims, so they need to know which procedures are considered medically necessary and which are not covered by the claimant’s insurance policy.

What Are the Duties of an Insurance Adjuster?

Some of the job duties of an insurance adjuster include:

  • Evaluating Insurance Claims. After a claimant files their claim with the insurance company, an adjuster it sent to take a look at the purported damage. The adjuster could be asked to go to a hospital, a home, a business, or a vehicle repair shop.
  • Interviewing Claimant and Witnesses. The adjuster asks questions and takes statements from the claimant and anyone who witnessed the incident, to help better paint a picture of the circumstances that caused the damage.
  • Consulting with Experts. If the adjuster needs further clarification to be able to make an accurate determination, they may ask experts, such as doctors, lawyers, or engineers, to provide an evaluation of the claim.
  • Determining Coverage. After weighing the evidence, the adjuster determines whether the insurance policy covers the loss claimed.
  • Deciding Amount. The adjuster decides how much money, if any, the insurance company should pay for the claim.
  • Assembling Files. Police reports, photographs, recordings, and any relevant documentation are put into a file for the claim examiner to review.
  • Defend the Insurer. If a claimant contests the outcome of a claim denial or a settlement, the adjuster could be called upon to testify in court or otherwise assist in defending the insurer’s position.

As you can see, insurance adjusters are valuable members of an insurance company’s team. They are the face of the company, and the first-responders whenever a claim is filed.

Why Should You Get Your Insurance Adjuster’s License?

You must have a Texas adjuster license in order to adjust insurance claims in the state of Texas. To apply for your license, you must be 18 years old, get fingerprinted, and pass the state licensing exam. The exam, though, may be waived if you take a comprehensive course like the ones we offer at 2021 Training.

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