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FAQ Iowa License Information

Start your career as an insurance adjuster in Iowa with 2021 Training! We have all the tools needed to help you be successful throughout your entire career. From the initial education and licensing requirements to continuing education. If you are a resident of Iowa wanting to obtain an insurance adjusting license and embark on a rewarding career, join us and start your course today! 

The journey to becoming a licensed adjuster in Iowa is simple, and we have all the answers to your questions here.

Do I need an Iowa Insurance Adjuster License to work in Iowa?

No, Iowa does not offer an Insurance Adjuster License. As such, there’s no specific state licensing requirement for insurance adjusters in Iowa. 

However, most, if not all, insurance adjusting jobs in Iowa will require a license. Though it may not be a state requirement, we advise any person wanting to be an insurance adjuster to obtain their license so they are properly educated and well-adjusted to go into the world of insurance adjusting. 

What should I do to become an insurance adjuster in Iowa?

Since Iowa does not offer its own adjuster license, it’s recommended that you obtain a Florida or Texas All-Lines Insurance Adjusters License with Texas designated as your “Home State” for licensing purposes. This approach allows you to work as a licensed adjuster not only in Iowa but also in other states that recognize the Texas license through reciprocity.

Why is a Texas Adjuster License recommended?

A Texas Adjuster License is highly recommended for several reasons:

  • Ease of Renewal: Texas makes it easy to earn Continuing Education (CE) credits, which are necessary for license renewal.
  • Reciprocity: Texas licenses are recognized by many other states, simplifying the process of getting licensed in additional states without taking their exams.
  • Convenience: The entire process of getting a Texas license, including taking pre-licensing courses and exams, can be done online.

How can I get a Texas All-Lines Adjuster License?

To obtain a Texas All-Lines Adjuster License, follow these steps:

  1. Pre-Licensing Education: Enroll in and complete the Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing Class.
  2. Fingerprinting: Obtain fingerprints to submit with your application.
  3. Application: Complete the Texas license application, selecting Texas as your “Designated Home State.”
  4. Submission: Submit your application to the Texas state licensing board along with the required fees and documents, including:
    • A $50 state fee.
    • Class completion certificate from the online course.
    • Fingerprint receipt.

Where can I take the required pre-licensing class and CE courses?

2021 Training offers online classes for both the Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education requirements. These courses are available 24/7 online, allowing you to complete them at your convenience without the need to travel.

How do I submit my application for the Texas Adjuster License?

After completing the pre-licensing course and obtaining your fingerprints, you can complete and submit your application online through the Texas Department of Insurance website. Make sure to include the state fee, class completion certificate, fingerprint receipt, and any other required documentation with your application.

Can I work in other states with a Texas Adjuster License?

Yes, the Texas Adjuster License is recognized through reciprocity in many other states, allowing you to work across state lines as long as you keep your Texas license current and comply with any additional state-specific requirements.

For further information and assistance with your application, visit the Iowa Insurance Division website or the Texas Department of Insurance website.

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