Lake Texoma Flooding

Lake Texoma Flooding

Marina under water

Lake Texoma has been rising over the last month.  For the 4th time since the dam was constructed in 1944, water is flowing over the spillway.  The lake is recorded 124% full now at 644 feet according to the US Amy Corps of Engineers Tulsa District.  It was only on May 28, 2015 that the lake reached 100% full capacity.  Rain has continued to saturate Oklahoma and Texas with recent storms and is creating issues from Lake Texoma all the way south to Houston.

After several years of drought conditions, Texas was excited for recent rains.  Now with complete saturation of the ground, the runoff is creating a vastly different set of issues.

Texoma Spillway Overflow

Check out the recent videos below of the impacts on recent storms.  The spillway is creating an impressive visual to all who live in the community.  It’s hard to even fathom the amount of water that is pouring out over the spillway.  90,000 cubic feet per second is flowing over the spillway.

KTEN provides some recent news coverage. – No One Gets You Closer

Here is some interesting drone footage of the Denison Dam spillway taken May 24, 2015.

Finally some drone footage of Highport Marina from a few days ago.  Water has risen since this footage was recorded.  All festivities of Memorial Day Weekend were canceled at the marina and power is now cut off to all the boat docks.