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Networking Tips for Independent Insurance Adjusters

Once you obtain a Texas Insurance Adjuster’s license you’ll need to start looking for work. Whether you choose to work for an agency or as an independent insurance adjuster this can be a daunting task. Networking can help make the job search easier. You’re much more likely to be passed assignments by someone who has gotten to know you than reaching out to complete strangers that know nothing of your background. Below are some tips to up your networking game and get your foot in the door. 

Who should you network with?

Well, the obvious answer is staff adjusters and hiring managers. However, if you want job security and to make the big bucks you’ll need to broaden your view. Talk to your educators, colleagues, friends, family, neighbors, and acquaintances. You never know who has the connection that will be your golden ticket. Don’t write anyone off– every person you interact with may be a resource in the future. 

Utilize social media

Social media is a huge asset. It can put you in contact with people who are typically out of reach. Find industry professionals and connect with them. Common on their posts, ask questions and build a relationship. With Platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it has never been easier to leave an impression on others in your field.

Strategize your approach

When networking, don’t go into it begging for a job. The point of networking is to upsell yourself and get your name out there. That way when jobs arise you’ll be the one they recommend. Don’t ruin your chances by bombarding people with job requests before they even get to know you. 

Be courteous of their time

While it’s more likely that you’ll get a reference if you form a relationship, you shouldn’t rush it. These relationships take time, and the people that have the ins you’re looking for are likely very busy people. Schedule a meeting and establish credibility. You can go from there. 

Let them talk

You shouldn’t do all of the talking. First, you may come across as self-interested. That wouldn’t be good. You also miss out on a great opportunity to learn more about them and gain industry insight. Ask for industry tips or personal anecdotes, and really get to know them. 

Follow up

You should always follow up with someone that took the time out of their day to meet with you. Offer them a genuine thank you. Don’t forget to set up another meeting later down the line. This is an important part of establishing rapport. 

2021 Training

Networking is all about selling yourself and putting yourself in front of eyes that can help you out. 2021 Training can help ensure that you’re qualified, confident about your skills, and dependable. Just complete one of our insurance adjusting pre-licensing courses. They’ll help you get licensed and we even offer further training to provide you with industry insights and practical training to make sure you won’t run into any surprises in the field. You can set your own schedule and make a good impression on potential employers when you choose to learn with us.

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