No Degree Required for Adjusters

Why is the career of becoming an Insurance Claims Adjuster so attractive in today’s world?
The cost of everything keeps going up and the jobs keep disappearing. Looking at a college education is signing yourself up to somewhere in the neighborhood of $60,000 in debt before you get your first job. Add a spouse and kids on top of that when you graduate and it’s a daunting way to start out your professional life.

So where are the jobs with the biggest potential and reasonable investment?
Insurance Claims Adjusting fits that description. No degree is required to become an adjuster. All you need is your state license. In Texas, the licensing class and license is less than $500. That’s all you HAVE to have. Plan to spend about $600 on additional training to help yourself have a leg up when it comes to professional skills in your job hunt. It will pay off well in how many claims you can write (and get paid for) on your first deployment.

Over $24,000 in 5 weeks
I saw this trend and took action in early 2012.
I was licensed and trained when Sandy hit. I was gone for 5 weeks working the storm and made over $24,000 in that time. That’s more than many people make all year. Not bad for a 5 week pay check! If you made a $1,000 investment in 2012 to become an adjuster, you would have had the opportunity to go work with the other hundreds of adjusters who went to Hurricane Sandy at the end of October last year.

Large storms, such as hurricanes, are where you get your foot in the door and prove yourself as an adjuster. Then once you begin to build your resume of experience and have 100’s of claims written, you’ll begin to see all the storm activity that really does happen around the United States that you probably never even paid attention to. I started checking out the different storms. This year alone there have  been several significant hail storms in the U.S. The most notable was around New Orleans. Tornados and flooding creeks also create a lot of activity in the spring.

The life of an adjuster is fun and exciting for those who enjoy travel and a bit of an adventure. You must be 18 to get your adjuster license in Texas. With such a small investment and a large earning potential, it’s the perfect career choice for many. By the way, it’s also recession proof. Just because the economy is bad, doesn’t mean the storms stay away.

I encourage you to look into it and check out to begin your career and remember that there is no degree required for adjusters.

John Bowers has a background in construction and decided to add claims adjusting to create a new income source. Follow John’s journey as he shares his experiences on training and deployment.